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  1.  Look good, sound great


    Most people will have seen at least one Indiana Jones film at some point, whether that be at the cinema or the countless times they've been re-run on TV, you may wonder what's the point in buying them yet again.
    Well firstly, they've never looked or sounded as good as they do here. The picture quality is stunning and the sound has really depth. The stories are as good they ever were and are just as enjoyable as the first time you watched them.
    The limited edition package is good, and contains some nice keep sakes that just about make it worth the extra money.

  2.  Something borrowed nope, unfortunately bought


    This film wasn't one that I was particularly looking forward to watching but my partner wanted to see it so I thought I would give it ago. I wish I hadn't, it was slow, not particularly well acted and the humour was way too predictable. As a movie it just didn't bring anything fresh.
    Picture quality and sound are okay.

  3.  Excellent


    Brings the first three Bourne films together in one very reasonably priced box-set. All three films are action packed with great story lines and very good performances.

    Picture and Sound quality is excellent throughout.

  4.  Better than expected


    I'd seen the trailers for Chalet Girl and it was one that caught my interest although I wasn't really expecting too much from it. However, it's well acted with a confident script and has some really funny moments in it. Felicity Jones is great as the lead and Bill Bailey plays a great part as her father.
    Picture quality is good and the shots of some of the mountains look great. The soundtrack is good, although the sound quality could have been better.

  5.  90's Sci-fi classic worth revisiting.


    Species was released in 1995 and the tells the story of humans first encounter with aliens through a transmission sent to SETI that details an alien DNA structure. The result is Sil (the fantastic Natasha Henstridge) a heavily armoured killing machine.
    The special effects for this film are amazing and were ground-breaking at the time. The story is good, although it can be predictable at times, and mixes sci-fi and horror very well to make one of the best 90's sci-fi films.
    Picture quality and sound are good and make the blu-ray version well worth owning. Particularly if you haven't had the pleasure of watching this before.

  6.  80's Classic


    Teenwolf is one of those films that I loved while growing up, so when I saw it available for pre-order it was a film I just had to get. It had been a good few years since I last watched it and upon watching it again I still really enjoyed it. The story is good and well scripted and Michael J. Fox acts the lead role out very well. Time perhaps hasn't been as kind to Teenwolf as it has say the Goonies or Labyrinth but it was still very enjoyable.
    The picture quality is okay, but is very grainy throughout. Although that doesn't really bother me as it gives it more of a traditional look if you're expecting the clarity of picture to be the best that blu-ray can offer you will be disappointed, it is however still a massive improvement on DVD. The sound quality is a let down.

  7.  Studio Ghibli do it again.


    I've been a huge fan of Studio Ghibli for years but recently have their work to be lacking when compared to their earlier material. Luckily Arrietty seems to be reversing that trend. The animation on this is bright and vivid and is one of the best looking films they've done for years. The voice acting is good and the film moves a long at a good pace. It doesn't quite bring out the level of emotion of Grave of the Fireflies and lacks the action of some of their more action-packed releases but is never the less a vast improvement on Tales of Eathsea and Ponyo.
    If you're a Studio Ghibli fan you're unlikely to be disappointed.

  8.  Smart, funny and worth a look.


    Easy A is the story of how Olive (Emma Stone) uses a little white lie about losing her virginity to advance her social standing at school.
    The film is smart, funny and incredibly well written. Performances are good, especially from Emma Stone and Lisa Kudrow. The pacing is pretty much spot on and the soundtrack is great.
    One to check out.

  9.  Not so beastly after all


    A modern day take on Beauty and the Beast, Beastly is far from original. The story is fairly well written although at times the pacing does feel rushed which makes it difficult to connect with the characters. The ending is fairly predictable but does get a little too sentimental. However, if given a chance, the film does have a certain charm about it and isn't the worst way to spend 90 minutes.
    The cast generally put in decent performances although Neil Patrick Harris as the blind teacher steals the show.
    Picture and sound quality are good, but not spectacular.

  10.  Slightly better than the original


    9 years on from the first film and the Cats and Dogs are still at war. While the storyline hasn't progressed too much from the first film, this sequel is a slight improvement. It has moments which are genuinely funny and the voice acting is great. The 3D effects, while not quite up there with the best available, are pretty impressive and do make it worth the purchase.
    While still very much a film for the kids, this one has a little bit more to keep the adults entertained too.