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  1.  eh


    It says the RPG and FPS made a baby. Surely that was Deus Ex, Which was a great game. It had story, character, tension and excitement. Borderlands just doesn't seem to have any of that. Which really dissapointed me because i really enjoyed Fallout 3 but found to heavy going consuming too much time. Borderlands seemed like an easier going version but its just too easy going. I didn't care about anything that was going on. And after you shoot someone in the head 20 times and they're still not dead because my level isn't high enough I start to question why does what level I am effect how powerful my bullets are at going through someones head. And why do those stupid dog things only attack me and not the 20 bandits shooting me.
    The biggest saving grace is the co op. It's always fun to play through a game with a friend by your side. But for a game of this quality it just doesn't seem worth the 40 quid. Shame the trailer was really cool.

  2.  Baldurs gate mixed with KOTOR


    This is an excellent game which takes me back to my youth and the days of Baldurs Gate. Already straight from the start this game has me caring about the characters, keen to develope their skills. A really great RPG experience.
    But be warned this is not a balls to wall button bashing game, this is a turn based combat very similar to Knights of the old republic or World of Warcraft. The idea is about developing your characters and changing the world around you. Although similar to Mass Effect its not a squad based shooter with a RPG structure and it is not Oblivion. If your old enough to remember Baldurs Gate get ready for its son Dragon Age. If your not old enough, try to keep an open mind, give it time. You never know you might like it.

  3.  Experi-mental


    Love this album. There is so much variation in each song and they so unique in their sound. If your into proper music get this its great.

  4.  small touchs make it!


    No doubt an excellent game. Graphics that are so crystal clear you'll believe your there. But it's the small touchs that make this game. The way Altair climbs a building. Blending into a crowd and hiding in clear view of your enemy. You won't feel as cool as you do in this game.

    The biggest downside unfortunately is that it is short lived. A bit too repetitive. But still a worth while buy.