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  1.  Amazing


    Im unsure why people are upset that this was advertised as blu ray and they didnt get blu ray disks.. there are two seperate boxsets.. one is blu ray one isnt.. this doesnt say anywhere that it will be blu ray! so you should have chekced before you purchased! its not play.coms fault its yours.

    Personally i love all the Harry Potter films.. There fantastic and can be enjoyed by pretty much any age range.. It may sound slightly cheesy but the films kinda make you wish you were in the film, which inevitably shows they are good films.. You get to know and love the characters.. Espchially Harry Hermione and Ron, but also other characters suc h as Dumbeldore and Hagred!

    Ill give individual ratings as others have
    Philosophers stone- 10/10 Amazing first film!
    Chambers of Secrets 8/10 A good follow up but a slight let down after the first one
    Prisoner of Azkabam 7/10 A very good film aswell and we start to see the main characters really becoming great actors!
    Goblet of Fire! 11/10 My favorite! Literally amazing.. Loved every minute!
    Order of the Pheonix- 8/10 Very very good film really enjoyable
    Half bllod prince.. 9/10 One of my favorites.. so sad and we see some really big twists in the story line..

    I think the reason i enjoy the Harry potter films so much is because i have never read the books.. well not until now anyway (im starting to read them now) so i went into the films with no idea what was going to happen.. so therefore when something shocking happened i was shocked as apposed to expecting it to happen for the whole film.. Overall you really cant got wrong with this boxset! Them films are amazing!

    Highly recommend!

  2.  Absolutely Amazing.


    This is literally one of the best films i have ever watched! I loved everything about it.. Dakota Fanning is quite frankly an amazing actress, espechially when you consider her age and in my opinion she will only get even better with age! Queen Latifah also gives a heart warming potrayal, of June and some of Sophie Okonedo's scenes as May, the destressed and deeply emotional character, are completely heart wrenching. Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson; usually known for their prowess in the music industry, hold their own as credible actresses aswell, performing alongside these other well known actresses and not seeming at all out of place. Overall the film is literally brilliant.. I have nothing negetive to say about it.. Its touching and at times had me crying; a lot! You feel so much for all the characters when they are going through their certain struggles.. Personally i think this is one of my favorite films of all time and i am so glad that i ordered it espechially considering it only costs 2.99!!!!! Worth every penny; BUY NOW!



    I grew up listening to this band.. Amazing singers with some songs that i cannot stop listening too. Great balleds such a ''Girl'' ''Cater 2 u'' and ''Emotion'' are so amazing with both Kelly and Michelle but of course Beyonce is amazing.. The up beat songs like ''Lose my breath'' and ''Bootylicious'' are also great and catchy.. Just love the whole album. MUST HAVE

  4.  David Attenborough; I wish you where my Grand father!


    When this television series came on the air i was very excited. I had watched previous T.V shows narrated by David Attenborough, Planet Earth, Blue Planet etc and was amazed! This series did not dissapiont! Absolutely breath taking footage of things that have only been seen by a few lucky select people. It really does amaze you at pionts, watching the animals when they think they're alone.. It shows there closeness to humans, espechially when it comes to the primates. An absolutely brilliant boxset.. You wont be disappionted!

  5.  This film is amazing


    This film really is something special. The acting from Felicity Huffman is amazing. She does such a great job of conveying her character and makes it completely realistic. She should have one an oscar for this role. the film has so many ups and downs and really keeps you gripped. The controversail matter of sex change, and pre op transexuals is handled with dignity and acted superbly. I really cannot recommened this film enough and at such a cheap price it is well worth the money. Buy this while it is so cheap.

  6. Lungs


    Florence & The Machine - CD

    25 New from  £4.65  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.35

     A triumpth!


    When Florence and the Machine first came onto the sceen i initially liked their music. I then purchased the album and was quite frankly blown away. All of the songs on this album are addictive. There so easy to listen to and have such great lyrics. Dog days, Kiss with a fist and Drumming song are personal favorites. the cover of Youve got the love however really is somethign special. In my top 5 favorite records of all time. Absolutely brilliant album with some amazing vocals from florence. Well worth the money in my opinion

  7.  Very Good


    Firstly im a man so when i watched this film i didnt expect to like it. But i actually thought that overall this film was very good. Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried in my opinion portray a young couple in love perfectly. Some of the scenes are very sad. You naturally feel really involved with the two main characters and empathise with Johns character. A great watch even for a male audience.

  8.  Stunning


    A lot of people think that reality television shows are not worth while. Leona Lewis clearly proves this wrong. She is an amazing vocalist with a talent that without these shows would have been left undiscovered. An amazing album with some brilliant ballads. Run is espechially brilliant.

  9.  one for the kids


    This film is definately one for the children and is something that a parent will simply watch because theri child wants to.. The kids will most certianly love the cute characters, the funny jokes, and not the worst storyline. But kids films such as finding nemo, over the hedge, and the old pixar movies are entertaining for any age. This film isn't. So buy it for the kids. But put it on when u fancy and hour and half to yourself because u wont want to watch it!

  10.  SAW


    this film is a lot better than i expected it to be! i watched it having missed number 5 and thinking that number one and two were good but three and four were repetetive. this however is the closest the saw films have came to being as good as number one! the storyline is brilliant, its smart and it will have u on the edge of ur seats. there is one part where a woman life is saved and another man has to die and the acting at that piont is simply amazing. it nearly made me cry. the way in which the victims r killed in this film is also a lot more inventitive than the other saws. a great horror with some great acting. if u liked any of the other saw films then u will love this.