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9 (78% helpful)

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  1.  HUGE disapointment


    Ok this is a warning to you all, when i brought this game i though i was getting a epic game like the film itself. But i couldn't have been more wrong.
    To be honest i cant forgive myself for being this wrong about the lameness of this ....thing.
    In fact its unbelievable how anyone could even consider this a half interesting game, you'd have to have either very low standards for gaming or just a thick as i was to get this game, i mean the graphic look like a infant drew then (actually that's a insult to the infant) and the game play was so....bad that i bet the game designer is hiding in some woods somewhere out of embarrassment,

    In short , out of 10

    Graphics 3/10

    Gameplay 2/10

    Controls 2/10

    Online game play n/a

    Interesting 1/10

    Fun -1/10

    Value for money 1/10

    Don't even consider buying this....please!! Also if you don't believe me search around looking for other reviews they'll only confirm the games badness

  2.  great but could be better


    this was good but it is a bit unrealastic in parts but over all,
    a good game especially the nazi zombies.

  3.  Awesome


    I loved the graphics and the fighting modes
    The way it tyers you out, to me gets you deeper in to the game
    Id say a definate buy 5/5

  4.  Pretty good game


    The story line is great.. No fuss there.
    The game also has vey good features like online play for example.
    The only reason i gave this game a 4/5 is how hard and dodgey the controller is to use. With you fiddling all over the place and all that

    Great but not the best....3/5

  5.  Awesome


    This game has very, very good songs.
    Editing characters is now eaysier and has a wider range to chose from,
    The guitar has been edited and is much more difficult and funner to use.
    The must have game.

  6.  Great game


    This game is much better than Guitar hero on tour
    This is because the makers have made huge improvements to the songs you play. Not only do you have a wider range of songs, the makers have thought about the songlist and have picked popular and very famous songs for it.
    Editing characters and guitars is now easyier, and now has a wider range to chose from.
    4/5 worth buying

  7.  Brill


    This game will proubly take a few hours to complete, but thoses hours will be well spent. At first it is a average puzzle game. But the story then twists in to a nailbitting survival game. This game is easliy worth 5/5