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  1.  Sexy, quiet, and runs perfect on Mac


    I bought the 500gb version of this product a year or two ago, and I took a risk, as there were no ratings on it, and I'm sad to see that there still aren't.
    To this day I have yet to have a problem with this beauty.

    Addressing the looks first, it really is a sexy machine, and everyone who has seen it comments on it, making me proud of it :)
    The performance is fantastic, and I wish I could get another one, one of the 500gb versions, as it is superb.

    I have noticed that a lot of people worry about that it doesn't work with Mac's. Well I want to fix that today;
    When I bought this, I was using a windows laptop, and it was working straight from the box, no problemo.
    Then when me and my mother bought a Macbook Pro, I was left in an awkward place were I couldn't use it anymore. But I found the solution.
    Before using the drive, (or copy all your files onto your laptop) go to the Disk utility, with the drive plugged in, and go to the tab named 'Erase', here you select from the drop down list, 'FAT32' format, and your hard drive will now be ready for use when this is complete.

    As I'm still using this hard drive on my Mac a year later, I know this works.

    I hope people buy this product more, it is so fantastic, and I would recommend it above any other hard drive.

    Hope I helped.

  2.  Amazing


    I've had this phone for quite a while, and I used to have a hardcase cover for it. but eventually it broke, and I thought, for the price, thats okay.
    But now I've found this even better than that. First of all it is really cheap price wise, but even if I spent more on this, I'd still love this.

    Its incredibly durable, I don't have any worry of my phone breaking at all with this cover on it. I've had compliments about how good it looks and feels, and I'm even tempted to get another colour as well :)

  3.  Worth the price


    I got these for my sister, but they were smaller than I expected.
    However they were very good, and I ended up looking like an Indian after she was done.
    They are a very fun extra item for someone, i.e. children, or big children ;p

  4.  Worth The Money


    I'm very happy with this.
    I bought it for my girlfriend, as I knew she loved to debate things, but I wasn't aware what I got myself into :p She loves it, and likes using it with me.

    The quality of the pack is quite good, with plenty of questions on each topic, and all of them mostly good. The card quality is superb, and the sand timer is quite good.

    I'd recommend this product to anyone, it's worth it.

  5.  Brilliant reference book


    I bought this book as a reference to use for my story I am writing, and it was more handy than I though, it give me the poison, how you can get it, and how to tell the symptoms, as well as giving me background information on the posion itself.

    Very handy reference book for any purpose, even just if your interested in looking at this sort of stuff.

  6.  A must have book


    This book is simply fantastic, it is wrote in an easy to read book without patronising you. It explains everything that you need to know, and I suspect there is to know about this man, his family, his personality, childhood. I love this book because it goes even further and explains czechoslovakia's role in the war.
    I personally bought this book as I found out that my fathers family where killed in relation to Rienhard, and so I bought it to get more information on it, and it has given me tenfold the knowledge I was looking.
    A must have, for general readers that are interested in the war at all, as it is easy for anyone to read like I said, I have dyslexia and have found this easy to read.