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  1.  Excellent!


    I have never been a fan of these "hand held video camera" type of films; (Blair Witch, Cloverfield etc) so I sat down to watch Troll Hunter with mixed feelings, however it proved to be very good and thankfully the home movie feel to it actually added to the experience! Also, I normally watch these foreign films in the original language with subtitles as I feel the lip syncing is usually way off and distracts me from the film, but as this is filmed in the hand held video camera style the lip syncing isn't as noticeable and therefore you can watch the English dubbed version without too much trouble.
    The film is pretty straightforward; couple of kids follow & pester a "Grizzly Adam's" type character who eventually allows them to accompany him & film his exploits, namely hunting trolls. As is often with this style of filming, I was worried that the trolls would only make fleeting appearances and these would be shaky images filmed in near darkness but NO! when they appear they are very clear and brilliantly realised with some genuine effort to create believeable monsters.
    Great film, bags of character & atmosphere...lets hope Hollywood don't lose this in the inevitable remake!

  2.  Sizing is on the small size


    Great looking T-shirt, but the sizing is a little on the small side. Normally a medium? Then order Large!

  3.  Exactly what you expect


    The tricky thing about a sequel is this; if you make it TOO different from the original then people complain "it's nothing like the first one"! Make it too similar and hear the cries "It's just the same as the first one"! so what do you do.....

    Well the makers of Hangover 2 have gone for option 2: made it just the same as the first. Ok, It's set in Bangkok instead of Vegas, instead of a baby we have a monkey, rather than Stu wake up with a tooth missing he now has a tattoo.....

    Despite the lack of imagination & originality by the makers, there is fun to be had here and there are 1 or 2 set pieces that must make you smile. I could have simply said right at the begginning that if you like the first one then you should enjoy the second, though not quite as much; not because it's rubbish, just because you feel you've seen it all before, which, truth be told, you have.

  4.  Standard is slipping


    I adore Jimmy Carr. I have seem him live several times and own all his previous DVD's. And as much as it pains me to say it, I feel this is the weakest entry so far.

    For the first time ever I noticed several gags have already been used before, and I personally feel there is an over reliance on the visual cartoons that we have seen Jimmy make increasing use of on the overhead projection screens. They even use the autocue as a warm up act....AGAIN! It's just beginning to feel a bit tired and there weren't any great stand out moments for me. Perhaps because this is his 7th DVD then maybe I am simply getting used to his style of delivery and his deadpan one liners, but it just feels a bit lacking.

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad DVD; just not as good as some of his previous ones. There is enjoyment to be had here and an average Jimmy Carr DVD is better than most tripe other comics churn out at Christmas, but some of his earlier stuff felt more edgy and daring.

  5.  Very VERY funny!


    Stephen Merchant has an easy going likeable personna, and is a natural on the stage!
    Nearly a decade after The Office (which he co-created) made him a recognisable name, Stephen Merchant is on the road to reveal his sucess (or lack of it) when dating the ladies. He jokes in a clever mix of self deprecation & put upon arrogance. As well as his unsucessful love life, he jokes about his height and some of the less favourable newspaper articles that have appeared over the years, and at times he reminded me of the nerdy Gareth Keenan. Ricky Gervais main sidekick (well if you don't count Karl Pilkington and new best mate Warrick Davis) has finally emerged from the shadows, and with a debut perfromance this good he deserves to stand tall !

  6.  Quirky, enjoyable, feel good film


    Cedar Rapids is a quirky comedy that mixes two common cinema basics: the mismatched buddy movie & the fish-out-of-water scenario. With hints of "The Hangover" and "Napoleon Dynamite", Cedar Rapids has the same off beat feel as "Little Miss Sunshine". Perhaps not as downright funny as one might expect given the cast & setup, it successfully shows the main characters grow beyond their stereotypical roots, and as such you learn to love them all the more for that.

    Tim is an insurance salesman from Brown Valley, Wisconsin but unlike most people in the insurance business he's a good guy - too good for a profession dominated by sharks! His boss sends Tim to a convention in Cedar Rapids to capture a prestigious award for the company but for the mild mannered and quiet Tim, Cedar Rapids is like Vegas!! Add to the mix an loud, obnoxious, opinionated John C Reilly as his room mate, a couple of female love intrests (a prostitute & a married woman) plus the under-hand dealings Tim has to learn to acquire the much sought after award then the film reveals its slow-release charm

    The humour in Cedar Rapids is sometimes hit-or-miss, but there are more hits than misses and the film's strength lies in character interaction. The bonding between Tim and Dean, (played by a scene stealing John C Reilly) is predictable but both actors play it well.

  7.  Dumb Fun!


    Despite it's mauling by the critic's I really enjoyed this film. In terms of super-hero movies it's not up there with Batman or the X-men films, but its certainly an improvement on Catwoman & Elektra.
    For those of you not familiar with Green Lantern, basically his powers are that he is able to create objects out of thin air by drawing on the power of his ring, powered by the titular "Green Lantern". Like most super-hero films the first half is dedicated to showing how he got his powers and his discovery of his abilities. A nice change here is that instead of his powers being as a result of a genetic mutation or an accident, he is selected by an inter-galactic peace keeping corp as a defender of earth, and a lot of the action takes place on other planets.
    The film doesn't take itself too seriously and if you're prepared to accept it for what it is - a popcorn piece of fun - then you should enjoy it. Ryan Reynolds is fun in the role and I hope the poor reception doesn't prevent the film from reaching a wider audience.

  8.  Guilty pleasure


    First, here is a track listing as Play.com seem to have omitted this minor detail;

    1. Teenage Dream
    2. Hey, Soul Sister
    3. Bills, Bills, Bills
    4. Silly Love Songs
    5. When I Get You Alone
    6. Animal
    7. Misery
    8. Blackbird
    9. Candles
    10. Raise Your Glass
    11. Somewhere Only We Know
    12. What Kind Of Fool
    13. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

    Everyone familiar with "Glee" will know that as well as the main 2 or 3 CD's that are released which each season, there are various episodes that have generated their own CD's; so far we have seen a Madonna version, the songs from Regionals, a Rocky Horror & a Christmas episode all produceding individual albums. Now it's the turn of "The Warblers"; the group that Curt joins at his new school. Unlike the main cast of Glee, who basically take it in turns to guest on vocals, the Warblers see's the character Blaine usually takes lead vocals, although Curt features as well here & there.
    This CD is fantastic and become my favourite very quickly! Modern songs given an almost "Barber shop Quartet" feel works so well. I prefer the upbeat modern songs (Teenage Dream, Misery & Bills being notable standouts) but there are slower, more relaxed songs here as well.(Blackbird & candles) Highly recommmeded to all Gleeks!

  9.  Silly Putty


    This is silly putty.....or science putty......or bouncing putty....or bionic putty....or whatever you know it as!
    It is being sold as "Stig's Plasma" but you basically get a generous lump of putty (either black or white- you can't choose which one!) in a circular tin a little bigger & deeper than a tin of shoe polish.
    As far as silly putty goes, this is quite competively priced, and therefore highly recommended if you're thinking of buying some.

  10.  A decidedly mixed bag!!


    This is a strange film....on one hand, its easy to watch, full of special effects, over-the-top gadgets & fun filled action set pieces. However on the downside, when you strip away the mega budget the is little left in way of plot, character development and story telling. Seth Rogen is mis-cast, Cameron Diaz under-used, and it is clearly a case of style over substance.
    Despite all that there IS fun to be had, and if all you want to do one night is stick on a big, loud, dumb film and kick back & relax, then this will be ok.