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  1.  great series


    the 1 star rating is clearly a none glee fan you can't rate 3 seasons based on one episode duuur i have seen all and enjoy it and now watching season 4 on tv and i am 45 and its not just the music i enjoy i like the characters. i used to watch fame series back in the 80,s and glee is a very refreshing modern nearly a version of fame. glee has a similar theme which is teenage fame its great , funny and very entertaining show.

  2.  played the demo


    after playing the demo that is 2 courses and 3 holes each and one course is the master course i can not wait for it. the new swing system is good no annoying caddy unless you ask for him plus more realistic golfing. graphically really good i do hope you can create a golfer as on demo you cant cause menu is very limited to what you can do and doesnt give anything away. i played rory mcllroy and i enjoyed so yes even the demo was worth 5 stars and i pre-ordered it cool!

  3.  wow


    2 words only describes this game PURE BRILLIANCE and that's that

  4.  fantastic


    this is by far the best racing game out. I have already been playing this as with all forza games and it beats dirt 3 and all other race games fab graphics perfect cars i feel it is unbeatable i am a ps3 man myself but i went out and got me a xbox 360 just for the forza games and boy i was not disappointed i would give more than 5 stars if i could i would recommend this to all race fans.

  5.  better console


    why are people obsessed with over heating my xbox 4gb is great i play more than 5 hours a night as i am disabled no problems does get hotish but is meant to all consoles do but new model is great so it is simple dont like dont get i always said i will never get an xbox but i did my ps3 is now idle always on xbox i love forza motorsport 3 i am all for xbox 360 slim cool

  6.  just brilliant


    it is brilliant and easy as for the review regarding to difficult for casual gamers rubbish!!! i am a casual gamer i am 43 and yes it can be challenging at times and for me it gets my adrenalin and heart pumping wow i even swet when playing this game the excitement is out of this world on this sequel. and all i had all way thru this game in way of weapons was plasma cutter & line gun thats all you need. keep upgrading them and away u go that all i had in 1st dead space so buckle up and get in their .

  7.  fab n easy


    yes loads more aliens and very challenging at times as for one reviewer saying not having the right weapon at the end all you need is the plasma cutter and the line gun as i did all the way thru the game and i had same in 1st dead space just get nodes and upgrade those two they are the the best in the game and its one hell of a gauntlet to the easy end boss do it in casual mode

  8.  better than zombie movies


    i saw the pilot and wow! this is zombie fab hordes of zombies cant wait for it to come out on dvd it puts most zombie flicks to shame plenty of gore and good story line so far roll on to next episode.

  9.  well improved


    this one has better graphics than snooker 2007 and at last shiny balls also you can choose to play real 2009 controls or classic controls as in 2007 which i prefer classic go to options and change them. one annoying thing though is commentary same as 2007 i even beat osuliven first time the play is more realistic at last all in all well worth buying

  10.  zombies galore


    Ok xbox 360 game reduced to fit wii capability it has resident evil 4 wii controls + game engine ps2 style graphics but its a brilliant game. Great weapns and challenging you can save better than xbox version yes best wii game yet eat your heart out dawn of the dead very recomendable