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  1.  Works great!!


    Brought this for my new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and have to say it works absolutely great. I've had no issues with speed and such since I don't transfer huge file sizes but for general use it's excellent at this very affordable price.

    I was considering getting a 32GB card at first but the price difference being more than double put me off as well as the realisation that I will never need so much storage space on my phone anyway.

  2.  Average And Nothing Special


    I have to admit I have never been a fan of MvC so I had my reservations about buying this new release from Capcom, especially after the poor job they had done with SF4. Firstly the pros. The graphics and animation is amazing and very nice to look at. The matches run very fluidly even when there's so much going on in the screen. Online play is very fluid as well and this is certainly a game anyone who hasn't played before can pick up and get straight into, it's great when you have a load of friends around. In regards to the Cons, the game, in my opinion, is just another button basher in parts. There's no real skill involved when it comes to playing against other players. A large majority will simply repeat the same combo over and over and it works (flashback of SF4). Why Capcom made it possible to kill off a player using one combo is still beyond me. Endings were very basic and vague, to the point that it made me wonder if it was even worth the effort in completing it just to see the endings - not very thought out at all. I think Capcom should have put the same amount of effort into the endings as they had done into the rest of the game. Unfortunately, this is a game I will not be keeping as it's just not for me.
    I gave it 3 stars but it got even that because of the graphics and on how easy it is to just pick up and play (it's not that hard to randomly bash buttons).

  3.  Enjoyed Very Much


    I decided to watch this while staying at a hotel where they were playing this and the fact the Downey Jr was playing the part of Sherlock Holmes took my interest and decided to give it a go. I have to admit that I enjoyed this movie very much. The start was great, the little bits of humor thrown in with the repor between Sherlock and Watson were excellent and although the storyline/plot may have needed a little more imagination and work the ending was really good and without giving anything away, certainly left me hoping that Downey Jr and Jude Law will reprise their roles again. This is a great movie and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies of this nature.

    The reason I only gave this 4 stars is because I am unable to comment on the actual DVD release (since it's not yet released). However, if the DVD contains extras then this would certainly get that last star to make it a 5/5.

  4.  An Excellent Game


    I loved this game. I had played infamous (to which I am going to compare this game to because the styles are so similar) which I personally did not find challenging or lasting very long but this game had pleasantly surprised me. There are a lot of side missions even though many will argue they are very similar and repeat themselves (but then what game do you know of this type where that doesn't happen i.e. GTA). For those who played and liked infamous but felt there was 'something' missing in the gameplay - Prototype will certainly fill the void. There's plenty of gore, a massive city you can lay waste to using not just your powers but also armoured tanks, gunship copters and rocket launchers. The storyline was really well written and certainly had me guessing.
    I think one place where this game did lack was the structure of the story (not the storyline itself though) as someone else had pointed out. I loved the actual storyline, it was original and certainly unexpected and playing as Alex in the game, he is single minded in his persuit of revenge and answers making him a kind of anti-hero which I had personally found quite refreshing. One such point in the storyline is when Alex is suddenly at a phone box answering a cell phone planted there for him. This was confusing since you're not shown why he goes there, as if there is a part of the storyline missing. Other than this though I think this is an excellent game and I personally found it to have everything that I wished I could have seen in infamous plus that extra that made me smile (like when you sky jack a helicopter).

  5. inFamous



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     Very Entertaining


    The story line was very absorbing and it doesn't have a hollow ending like most games sometimes do after you finally reach the end. The ability to decide whether you want to be good or evil adds a really nice twist to things and actually does make differences to the storyline. A game I certainly recommend to anyone.

    I think the only thing that lets this game down is lastability (it was short). I had completed the game in a week and then less than that on my second run, playing it through as evil. Extra modes or missions (after you complete the game itself) would have been really nice feature.

    To answer the few who have been asking, this game does NOT have any online play although one can hope that additional content may come along eventually for it.