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  1.  incredible


    This game is truly unmissable.
    The graphics aren't as good as they could be but are still pretty sweet eye candy.
    All 4 campaigns are extremely fun although they are rather short, however you will want to play them over and over again.
    The Ai characters aren't as bad as others say, they never disrupt witches, they just tend to walk into your bullets but seriously, this is not a big deal.
    The main attraction of this game is the online play. Playing as the infected in versus mode is the funnest thing you will ever do on xbox live.
    Playing the campaigns is also better whilst playing with friends online.
    The new survival mode which is free for download is also a lot of fun.
    All 6 types of infected are very cool to kill or play as because they offer different abilities that truly make the experience frightening.
    The weapons are limited but supply everything you need (pistols, shotguns, snipers and machine guns). Also the molotovs and pipe bombs are very fun to use too.
    The 4 main playable characters all have their own characteristics and come from different backgrounds. You quickly get attached to a certain character.
    All in all this is one of the best video games ever created and should be in everyone's collection.
    Graphics: 8/10
    Game play: 9/10
    Online play: 10/10
    Replay value: 10/10
    Overall 37/40
    This game is truly amazing.

  2.  The Best


    Not only the best Terminator but the best Movie ever. Best of the 4 Terminator films. (There are 2 more to come but I doubt they will beat this) This film has the best John Connor, Arnie's best performance and an amazing enemy, The T-1000, It is also the first time that the T-800 is the good guy. It is an amazing film with many thrills and laughs and at this price you'd have to be mental not to buy it right now.

  3.  So Sickening, it's great


    This is truly the greatest SAW movie out (From I-V), it has some very sick 'games' (especially the needle pit and the furnace). I felt sick watching it. It is a must buy for fans and non-fans alike. You will not believe the ending!!!

  4.  Spider-Man 3


    It's not as good as spider-man 2 but we still have one of the best movie tie ins ever created!!!! Worth a tenner

  5.  I wanted to put 4 and a half...


    Yes I would have put 4 and a half if i could but it rounds to 5 so whatever. This game is excellent, the graphics arent amazing but it suits the game. It's all good but theres just something that doesnt make it shine like the original. I dunno what but something is wrong. It feels a bit rushed.



    Just an average driving simulator, nothing special but its 7.99. you ncant go wrong really.

  7.  Great but not as good as burnout


    This game is epic. A lot of fun and very addctive but pay a bit more to get burnout legends or paradise.

  8.  Stupendous.


    This game is truly genius. I love it all and it has 5 difficulty levels for al gamers. But it's just like all the ther dynasty warriors games...

  9.  The second best one so far...


    Guitar hero III is a legendary game but just 1 step under that is the awesomeness that is guitar hero II. Like all other guitar hero gameplay you hit notes and strum. Voila! The perfect game. The song list is a bit datet and the songs take a while for u to like them but I love it!!! No online play bt this is a remake of a PS2 game so it gets away with it.

  10.  AMAZING!!!


    I got this at a bargain and didn't expect much but i love it. It's one of the best parts of my gaming collection. I hate shooters and violent games so me liking this is very odd. It is nearly flawless. The graphics are stunning and it's so much fun but... No online play but that isn't enough to make this any less than 10/10