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  1.  Excellent but short


    Quidditch through the ages is an excellent book written by J.K Rowling. It provides quite a lot of useful information and is great for any Harry Potter fan who wishes to learn more about the HP universe.

    The only downside is that at is its short long at 105 pages. Really though that is just a testement to how interesting the book is. The book provides useful insight into how the first brooms were made, how the game of Quidditch itself has evolved over the ages and other rival sports such as Quadpot.

    Authors of fan finction will also find the book useful for providing info for which they can flesh out their stories with which isn't otherwise provided in the original 7 books.

    This and Fantastic beats and where to find them are must reads for any HP fan. Recommended highly.

  2.  Very good


    Welcome to my review of the Logitech G35 gaming headset. When reading reviews I always like to have a brief summary of the reviewer so you can put what they say into context. A bit about myself I am actually a professional PC gamer who plays in competition so therefore my main use for the G35 will be centered on gaming.

    On to the review

    The design of the G35 is very nice. It just looks and feels good and despite its size it is actually quite light. It does feel sturdy though therefore it does not feel like it will break easily. A nice design feature is the numbers on the side which measure how far you have adjusted the headband should you want to adjust it to the same length in future. The earpieces themselves are designed to fit over your ears so this is something you should be aware of. Also in the box are 2 interchangeable headbands which along with the default one makes 3 to choose from.

    The adjustable microphone is located on the left earpiece. All the keys and buttons are also located on the left. I really like that Logitech did this. All the keys are in one place which is nice as you dont have to remember and mess about with keys on different earpieces its just good design. There are 5 buttons in all. The top 3 are the programmable G keys which can be configured with the G35 software. There is also a mute key and a scroll wheel which controls the volume. The Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround key is located on the back of the left earpiece.

    The headset itself has 40mm drivers and boasts Dolby Digital 7.1 Virtual Surround sound. The sound is absolutely mind blowing. I was previously using the Creative Fatal1ty and the increase in sound quality is just phenomenal. Whilst gaming I was easily able to tell which direction enemy players were coming from which gave me the advantage. As I previously mentioned I game competitively and being able to communicate with my squad mates is essential. The Microphone quality is crisp and very clear. My friends commented on the increase in quality of my voice and I also found it was easier to understand people who I may have had trouble understanding in the past.

    Along with the headset is the G35 configuration software. My software disc did not work which while not the end of the world did mean I had to go to Logitech's website and find the relevant files to download myself manually. This would not normally be a problem but this is a premium product. Its a lot of money and when you lay out that sort of money you want everything to be perfect.

    The software itself allows you to control Sound and Microphone volume levels as well as bass and treble. You will also be able to utilise the G35 voice morphing software. There are 6 profiles in which you can morph you voice into. These are Robot Troll Giant Alien Mutant and Space Squirrel. You will also be able to configure the 3 G keys which support the following

    Windows Media Player
    Win Amp
    G35 Voice morphing
    G35 Audio
    Ventrilo 3.0.5
    Power DVD 8.0
    Win DVD 9.0

    Rather surprisingly is the lack of support for Teamspeak. Again for this sort of money you expect more functionality. I really don't understand this Ventrilo and Teamspeak are both popular VOIP programmes so to have one without the other is quite strange especially on a product specialised for gaming.

    You should also be aware of that this headset is connected via USB.

    Would I recommend this headset? Yes absolutely. There might be a few things lacking but you will be having so much fun whilst gaming that you wont really care.

  3.  What Would you do?


    The Road directed by John Hillcoat is a post apocalyptic film based on the book of the same name written by Cormac McCarthy which notably won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The story revolvers around the two main characters. The man and the Boy who are trying desperately to survive and hold onto their humanity in a world where there is no government law or society and were murder rape and cannibalism are common place.

    [Skip if you are not interested in the book]
    First things first for fans of the book you will be pleased to know that aside from a few enhancements that are expected with a book to film adaptation the film itself is actually very loyal to the book and definitely captures the main themes and emotions. So if you enjoyed the book you should defiantly buy the DVD. If you do not want to take my word for it then Cormac McCarthy also personally indorsed it as well which is good enough for me.

    To everyone else the main thing I want to get across to you is what I said in the title of the review. What would you do? As mentioned previously the world as we know it is gone the planet has been dying for roughly the last ten years. All vegetation and life has died and decayed and resources are at a critical low and the law of the land is very much every man for himself.

    The film consequently while quite depressing in certain aspects is quite thought provoking and in truth is about humanity. How do humans react in extreme circumstances. How would you deal with this situation? Would you even want to live in a world like this? If you did how would you look after your family? If you are a parent like the Man is in the film what lengths would you go to in order to protect your child? Could you take their life in order to protect them from a much worse fate? These are the sort of questions I found myself asking while watching the film and to be honest I still have not answered all of those questions. The film therefore engaged me on an emotional intellectual and philosophical level and deserves to be watched.

    While that does indeed sound very bleak there is hope. Obviously The Road is not the sort of film you sit back and laugh at with a box full of popcorn but at its core the film shows that despite the terrible circumstances there can still be love between a father and son. That despite everything humanity and morals still exist among some people and that not everyone has degenerated into mindless animals. So yes the film can be depressing but it depends on your perspective and outlook on life. Is the glass half full or half empty? Is it terrifying how much humanity is lost or a good thing that some considering the circumstances still exists? I personally take the latter view and loved the film.

    Forgive me for the long review but I hope you found it interesting and informative if you do not necessarily agree with it.

  4.  Very good


    I initially bought Life for my Mother who is a big fan of wildlife and nature, It turned out to be a great present and she loved it.

    Life comes on 5 disks with 10 different episodes covering the Earths wildlife and nature as well as different environments and habitats that they live in. The HD footage and images are simply astounding and blew me away when I sat down to watch some as well.

    The narration by David Attenborough is top notch as well, this therefore is a must buy if you are interested in nature or wildlife, also works a treat as a present to.

  5.  creative original and surprisingly quite impressive


    Metro 2033 is creative original and surprisingly quite impressive.

    The game is set in the metro stations of Moscow in 2033 after catastrophic nuclear fallout of 2013. The metro stations of Moscow have therefore seen 20 years of decay and squalor and are the only safe places of residence for the generation that has grown up after the fallout.

    Other than that the story is pretty much what you make it as little else is explained. As the protagonist in the story you are tasked with warning the other metro stations of the increasing amount of raids on your station by the mutants as a result of the nuclear fallout.

    The games biggest strength therefore is its graphics presentation sound and locations which all contribute to create a very good atmosphere throughout the game. Simply put this game is creepy as hell and very dark.

    The equipment throughout the game is also very good and involving. You have usual suspect such as the Knife revolver SMG Assault rifle shotgun and sniper rifle but you also have some cool throwing knives and some pretty neat air powered rifles that need to be manually pumped up.

    This also applies to your flash light that also needs to be pumped up in order to function. There is therefore an element of interactivity and stealth to the game. On your wristwatch are 3 lights red yellow and green. These therefore represent how hidden you are. Turning on your flashlight might make it easier to see but will also make you easier to spot by the enemies.

    Lastly there is your trusty Gas mask. Simply put you will not last long without it. In order to survive on the surface and some toxic zones underground you will need to wear your gas mask. This also adds another element to the game play as your gas masks filters will run out and you will need to replace them adding a tension to the game play when in toxic zones. You also need to be careful as enemies can damage and even smash your mask requiring you to find a new one. I think this shows a lot of thought on the developers part. Simply put Metro 2033 is not an easy game. There is a lot of detail and a lot of things to keep an eye on if you want to survive and the results when they pay off are consequently very satisfying.

    Metro 2033 is something different. It explores the genre in a new way and offers new locations to explore and it is therefore very original. If you are bored and disappointed with the cookie cutter clones of late that keep being churned out to please the masses then give Metro 2033 a shot you will not be disappointed.

  6.  Very Good


    In the past i have always used logitech products however i recently experimented and tried the Creative Fatality pro gamers headset also supplied from play.com.

    The reason for buying a new headset was that the Fatality headset had very poor build quality and broke very easily, leaving me very disapointed as this is supposed to be a top of the range headset.

    I'am glad to say however that this isn't the case with the logitech clearchat pro. It has very good sound quality which is very important for me as i often play teambased First person shooters and it is vital that people can understand me when i speak and vise versia when they do.

    They are also very comortable. As anyone who plays PC games with a headset will know your ears will start to hurt after prolonged play with this headset i found i could play for upto 3-4hours and i encountered no problems.

    With the essentials covered logitech also throw in some other nice features that make this headset more than worth it's value.

    On the micraphone a L.E.D light which will light up and turn Red when you mute the micraphone (By pressing in the circular switch on the right earpeice) This isn't a necessary feature but it shows logitech thought about the end user. which is good.

    You can also reposition the micrahpone (on the left) and move it out of the way when you don't need it.

    Another nice features is that you can switch between 3 different modes. 1 for internet calls and coneversations, 1 for listening to music and finally one tuned for gaming.

    This headset has obviously been very well thought out and is very good value for money.

    I would also remind people reading the review that this headset is a USB headset which supports plug and play basicly plug it in and your done so you wont have to worry about installing any software.

    Logitech usually cost alittle more than other products on the market but it is deffinately a good investement in the log run.

    If you need a new headset or just want one in general then this is deffinately the one you want.