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  1.  Whoever designed that control interface should be shot.


    I never played this game's predecessor so I bought it completely open-mindedly. Graphically it reminded a little of Stalker and elements of the gameplay (running around an island realtime, commandeering various vehicles) reminded me of Battlefield 1942. Unfortunately, at least on PC, the single player game is completely ruined by a ridiculously cumbersome and at times utterly unfathomable interface through which you are supposed to issue commands to your AI buddies. Imagine the suit menu from Crysis but with 3 or 4 layers to it. For example, my team are trying to sneak through woods without being detected by the enemy so I have instructed my men to "Cease Fire". But suddenly we're detected and under attack; I need to instruct my men to "Return Fire" but this is buried 3 sub-menus deep in the command interface and by the time I've found what I'm looking for, half my guys are dead or bleeding to death. Now I just leave the setting permanently on "Weapons Free" or "Return Fire" which removes a lot of the tactical element from the game and makes it little more than a standard shooter. Also, the command interface has no "back" button so if you hit the wrong sub-menu, you have to completely exit the interface and start again - which equals more bullet wounds. Another frustrating element of the single player campaign is that after you've been killed, it sometimes restarts at the last checkpoint in an impossible situation that forces you to completely restart the mission. For example, on one occassion my team kept re-spawning directly under an enemy helicopter gunship which would repeatedly and instantaneously wipe us out with rockets until I gave up. Such a shame as I really wanted to like this.

  2.  Agree with previous reviewer -


    I also had a truly horrendous time getting this game to work properly on my PC. I have Windows Vista x64 on a Quad Core 3.0GHz, HD3870X2, 4GB machine which runs the game silky smooth at full resolution with everything turned on/turned up full. It's a truly beautiful game to look at I easily spent days of my life just driving around, lusting after various cars before even considering what little plot there actually is to the game. Many Windows Vista hotfixes were required before this would run properly but the biggest problem with this game is the absolutely ridiculous security protection on the DVD (securom). If you have anything like Daemon Tools or any other virtual drive software installed (note - it doesn't even have to be active, just having it installed is enough as securom seems to check the registry), you will have difficulty getting the DVD to play (the message "Please insert the original disc" keeps being displayed). My copy now only plays because I did a full re-install of Windows which wiped the registry and any traces of virtual hard drive software I had.

  3.  Looks gorgeous - if only I could play it...


    I bought this game to play on my normally very stable and reliable Windows Vista x64 PC platform (ASUS Maximus Formula, Q6600 3.0GHz, HD Raedon 3870X2, 4GB 1066 DDR2 RAM). It may be 18 months old but there is still more than enough specification to run this game at full detail and since I had only days before rebuilt it with all the latest drivers and Vista service packs, I didn't expect any problems...

    For me this game is totally unplayable. It plays perfectly for a few seconds - sometimes minutes - and then it freezes mid-game. The screen goes blank and then the action restarts only for it to freeze again and restart a few seconds later and so on and so on. At worst, the action only resumes for a split second before the next freeze. Utterly infuriating.

    When I ventured online onto the Ubisoft forums, I was shocked to see many hundreds of pages of queries reporting numerous faults, bugs and glitches for this game - not just on the PC but also on the XBOX and Playstation. Clearly it has been rushed to market.

    I have installed the latest 1.02 patch for this game and I have today downloaded the latest DirectX10 from Microsoft but the game still freezes as much as ever.

    I tried to write an email to the support address on the Ubisoft website but when you click on the website it says something along the lines of "we are experiencing a problem - please try again later". It's been like that for 3 days now.

    I desperation I called the premium-rate 0871 helpline. The advisor talked me through a few things, one of which caused a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) crash of my PC. The result of this was that I lost my overclock settings and my RAID 1 array is putting itself through a full verification process. Hopefully it should be finished by tomorrow morning...

    For what it's worth, the game looks gorgeous in full HD resolution, 8x anti-aliasing and DirectX10 and the gameplay is possibly a nice, addictive balance between arcade action and combat simulator (emphasis appears to be on the former though). But none of this is relevant to me as I wish I'd never set eyes on the pile of half-finished rubbish.

  4.  Wow! What a way to see what your PC can (or can't) do...


    It's an astonishing graphical showcase - even if the gameplay isn't all that original... I spent hours just exploring the environment and appreciating the incredible attention to detail. It seems every leaf, ever blade of grass moves out the way as you push through the dense, beautifully detailed undergrowth. I do wonder exactly what sort of beast you'd need to run it at full detail though; I'm running a OC'd 3.0GHZ Q6600 Quad Core on a Maximus Formula m/b, OC'd 4GB RAM @1150MHz and Raedon 3870 X2 and I have to settle for 'high' settings (they go to 'very high') and no AA. Make sure you apply the 1.2 patch to a virgin, clean install (and apparently you shouldn't uncheck PunkBuster if you custom install as Patch 1.2 references it). After applying the patch, when I tried to resume saved games my PC hung and when I started new games, performance was terrible. Applying the patch to a fresh install (no saved games or profiles and with PunkBuster installed) cured all.