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  1.  First and best pirate film


    This film was both exciting and thrilling it kept me hoocked and especialy when orlando bloom came one he is fine, johnny Dep does his best preformance in this film. I would love to watch this again and again.

  2.  Good fantasy film


    This is one of the best fantasy films i have seen it has a different idea of how to show things,and characters who act out their role perfectly. The computerised animals are also very well done and has a great storry line like any other fantasy, thats what takes it down one. Due to it being like every other fantasy film.

  3.  almighties allrightie


    I found this film to be both funny and boring the ending is the most interesting part, the beging is the most boring part in the film. The most annoying thing about this is that though out they use cheesie songs, this annoys me because it makes it into a more kid film.

  4.  A lovely film


    This film is a normal fairy tale, which i find sweet this film does contain one or two boring moments. This reduces the rating i am giving it, i do love this film and do as soon as i can rewatch the film again. The romance in this film is so dear and charming that it is both happy and upsetting.

  5.  The best one made


    This is the best of the three they made, it has a good plot and keeps me interested. The only problem with this film is the dinosaurs look a bit fake and so could ruin the experience, this film has a good beging and middle but the ending is a bit predictable.

  6.  Excelent musical


    This is the best musical i have ever seen, i could watch this film a hundered times and still be surprised at the ending. The film contains songs which keep in your head for ages, this has a superp plot and keeps me hooked though out. Jhonny Depp has done a superp job in acting out this character, my fav song is Joana the one which johnny sings.

  7.  So sweet


    This film is so sweet and is such a romantic film, it keeps me hooked though out. The film is set in medevil times and this does not normaly attract me, how ever i loved this film. Heath ledger did a superp job with this character. The romance in this film is so sweet that i nearly cry at some parts of the film.

  8.  The worst musical on planet earth


    This musical is the top worst ever fim, the characters can not sing or act and so sounds like cats having a cat fight, only people who are def or have no taste would see this film and like it. I would only recommend this film to Abba fans who dont care about how bad the actors can sing, this film has no plot and so does not keep me hooked for even a second.

  9.  Unlike any other


    This Batman film is unlike any other hero film i have seen there is a twist in the plot, which keeps you hooked in to the film. My fav character is the Joker being a comical character, this film is rated for 12a which to me it could be a Pg . I could watch this film over and over again, i wanted to see this film again at the cinema but wasnt allowed. People say the beging is boring but i strongly disagree, this film i rate 5 due to it being able to keep me hooked though out the film.