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  1.  not as good as expected


    This game was definately a let down. Black ops was way beter than this.
    Also add to it the issues this game has if your a virgin customer.... makes me wish I hadnt bought it.

  2.  Amazing


    What can I say this game is so addictive and fun to play. It comes with all DLC stuff also so saves a small fortune for a few extra pounds will make the game even beter.
    Also a new expac is on hte way also, so if u like this game it will be a worthwhile investment :) Hours of fun...

  3.  Got potential


    I have just done a 10day trial after playing wow for 3yrs. Dispite not being able to do everything, I did find some grps for PQ (Public Q) Stuff. RvR and Scenario concepts are very nice also.

    While it might not have the support wow does, upgrades in terms of content are currently free :) Also as a game gains in popularity which im sure this will ... expect more fansites, helpful guides etc :)

    If your bored of wow or new to mmo's this is a really nice game - 3 stars due to limited interaction via trial. Im sure would ahve been 4 if not 5 if I had this game for real which I will soon :D

  4.  Not as Good as Expected


    My fiancee raved about this movie wanting to see it so badly. Well we got it when it came to DVD and while I felt somewhat disappionted she loved it.
    The TV Series set the scene and this movie needed to be so much more. I felt the storyline was very predictable. While it finished off where the series ended nicely, it was too much aboutt he costume changes imo.

  5.  Simple Awesome


    I just reordered this game as I cant find my Discs's and I cant wait to get stuck into it again ahead of SC2. This Game is simple amazing and one you can go back to time and again. I really wish blizzard would work on a SC MMO

  6.  Good Fun


    I got this game for my partner and well she loves it, it passes the time well. I cant say I like it personally but hey not me playing it. The more time a person spends playing the easier the game becomes and the better it becomes also.

  7.  Missing that something


    This game is lots of fun and they are a variety of cars to use and play. Sure upgrading is easy by just buying new parts, I do feel though to ge the most out of the game and the cars avail that some knowledge of cars / setup is very beneficial

  8.  Great Fun


    I recently got mine a few weeks ago, Its a great tool to help a person keep fit and lose weight. The idea to making this Item great is to mix and match the activities you do. Sure its limited to a degree, but they are many variations of things you can do on this.