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  1.  pretty impressed


    I'm no computer expert for sure, but I took a punt on this machine and have been very happy. My machine did die an unexplained death after a couple of weeks which wasnt terribly impressive, but the acer warrenty team were great, really helpful. And just over a week later the machine was back and has been working great.

    Other reviews have spoken highly of the specs, which I would agree with. Just a couple of other things. On a day to day basis the keyboard is excellent, really easy to use with wonderfully light keys (though the main keyboard being set slightly to the left takes a little getting used to). And finally on gaming, so far so good. Empire: Total War runs okay on here, and running okay an any laptop is impressive with that game.

    So, if you feel like splashing a bit of cash, this machine should not dissapoint.

  2.  Moo moo!


    Buy this one while you can. This is the sort of classic game which will be under promoted and forgotten about very quickly, soon becoming a collectors item with a big mark up on the price tag. Little King's Story is a joy, blending the basic fighting premise of Pikmin (in perhaps a too obvious way) with the expansion premise of a host of empire building games, to make a delighful and addictive game.

    Although elements of the game might be knocked for being a little shallow, the overall depth of the game (and its a big one, certainly getting your moneys worth) more than makes up for it.

    Changing your team at the core castle hub is a pain and often limits daily progress, and the save system is a little unfriendly, requiring much walking to and fro, but all these issues are small fry compared to the joys that are to be had exploring this game and its world.

  3.  GTA of sorts on a Nintendo home console, is very welcome


    To describe this is as GTA on the Wii would not be unfair, despite its school settings. Although the size of the game doesnt match GTA and the visual quality isnt up to scratch when compared with the other console versions of this game, Bully remains an excellent alternative, and highly entertaining.

    In many respects, the extent of your in-game brutality being limited to a severe pounding, as opposed to GTA's blood lust is quite refreshing, and does make this a very fun, lighter, and very well produced sandbox alternative. Rockstar once again show the rest how to make a game of this genre.

  4.  A sense of completion, but at what cost


    There is plenty of criticism directed at Fire Emblem's presentation these days, and rightly so, for any non battle elements (of which there are many) are riddled with cheap onscreen text which will have you prodding the 1 and 2 buttons with increasing frequency to skip past all the bunkum story.

    Having said that, the gameplay is as solid as it has ever been and doesnt dissapoint. What does is the hair rippingly annoying spawning of enemies behind your lines, making tactics irrelevant beyond a strategy of not moving until all the enemy reinforcements have appeared.

    But for all these problems, for those who enjoyed the Gamecube parent game, this is just about worth while. Familiar characters are a joy to use once again, and as gut wrenching to lose in combat.

    One for the fans, for others interested in Fire Emblem, there are better places to start.