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  1.  Brilliant


    Amazing game, Amazing graphics and a great story line..the game itself seems very very real and everything makes sense. Recommended to all

  2.  LOVE IT! but one problem


    This game is a very top class game, good graphics, well designed characters, monsters and wepons. They also have very nice rooms for your hunters to stay in! i just have one small problem, when you are low on health and you take a potion, it seems like the actual character is taking forever to drink it because he has to raise his arms and by the time he puts them back down you have been hit by another monster, this problem is very annoying but other than that it is a fantastic game

  3.  Brilliant!


    This game is excellent, if you want to take some time out of the house you can! you can go down in the evenings and have romantic dates or just with the family! order what you want give tips or just order some nice room service, they also give you a wide range of hotels to join, or if you want to join a camp :) excellent game for a brilliant price!

  4.  Brilliant


    This game is brilliant. Advanced and sophisticated gameplay. brilliant story line. reccommended to buy

  5.  Amazing


    This game is probally one of the best games on gamecube. Basicly there is a galatic federation outpost on a planet and we lost communication with them and bounty hunter "Samus Aran" is sent to investigate. This game is far better than metroid prime. but im not saying metroid prime is bad its still good but this game is excellent. I reccommend people to buy this game because it will not let you down

  6.  Worth the money!


    This phone is so worth the money honestly, it has great music system, excellent touch screen easy to use
    reccomended to buy

  7.  AMAZING!


    This game is excelent, probally one of the best games on gamecube, all the nintendo worlds collide in one big epic fight, super smash bros brawl is better than this game, but if you dont have a wii buy this for gamecube it wont let you down worth every penny

  8.  one of the best games for the wii


    This is by far one of the best games on the wii, you should definatly buy it, its worth every penny, all the family can join in

  9.  Very good game


    this game is very good, superb story line and i like pretty much everything about this game. The only problem with this game is throughout the game, the story is always complicating things up for you and it can get really fustrating other than that is spectacular!

  10.  Fantastic!


    Very good game with excellent story line reccomend to buy