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  1.  Amazing ! They will be there for you ..


    Friends are always there for you this is a FanMade
    Boxset For all Friends Fans it has stuff that was only aired in USA
    now we get to see it I loveeeeeeee mine thanks Play for extreem fast derlivery ... I love it

  2.  The End of it all ! ;-( I'll miss my Sabrini ..


    I loved this show good to see she ended up with Harvey ,,,
    In the end we all new she would ,,
    Melissa Joan hart is amazing in the series ...
    if you have never watched sabrina before the why its fab ......... make you laugh all the way . and there is no age limmit ..

  3.  She's a Cougar !!!


    love it was not sure at first but i watched 4 eppisodes and was hooked
    ! Its friends star
    Courteney Cox Arquette at her Best love this season cant wait for the dvd :) Its a whole load of Girly Fun Fun fun the new sex and the city but better !!!!!

  4.  Wow


    Love it this is the best season ever . I mean i loveeeeeeeee This show so much have watched it from season 1
    but this is by far the best Angie is my fave in it ..
    John Barrowman is also in this season .. ( Torchwood and Docter who ..
    Captin Jack he plays the bad Guy ..Yummmmmmm

  5.  sex and the city .. next genaration .....


    Amazing show funny stylish :) ..
    just like sex and the city
    Genaration .. Kinda thing if u love sex and the city u will loveee this :) xx

  6.  wow !!!!!!!!!! Best box sets ever wohooooo


    This show is amazing Beth Broderick Caroline Rhea -Melissa Joan Hart -
    i love this show soooooooooooo Funny way better then Charmed .I would never spend a lot on Boxsets but this i would worth the Money i tell u if u have not watched Sabrina yet what r u waiting for ????????????? buy it now ..

  7.  Most haunted is haunted


    i love this i am so glad its out on dvd
    i will tell Yvette all about this site ,,
    as as i am very good friends with her x keep it up guys

  8.  Gilmore Girls is all time funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the best love this show have them all seasons 1 to 5 nearly al u nead to do is hurry up and get season 6 and 7 they have bean out ages xxxxxx
    i am a huge Gilmore Girls fan best show after Friends love it anyone who has not seen it what the hell are you waiting for !!!! a must buy xxx

  9.  one word to discribe this film Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    this film is amazing the best film Angelina Jolie has ever done the emotion the Excitement this film has everything a film should have amazing wow ......

  10.  classic kids spooie fun ..


    this is a classic along with Sabrina i used 2 watch it on Nickelodeon on halloween loved it i never even new it was on dvd thanks play .com well worth the price it should be 9.99