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  1.  Oh dear...


    Why a negative title, but 4 stars you ask? It's simple. This game works. It uses a tried and tested method that has now worked for over a decade. But my friends, that doesn't make this game good. I began playing it, and thought it was a bit far fetched. Went back to it a bit later, and finally got into it, until I finished it. And now? Nothing. It sits there. I don't feel compelled to do anything. I put about 30 hours into it, and I feel its been used up. Is that a lot? No. I bought Soul Silver two days before, and it's the one I keep going back to, and always will. Theres so little to do in Pokemon Black after you're finished, it just doesn't seem engaging. All it needs is an old region slapped in at the end, like ALL of those which came before it, but no, not here.
    I do however like how the kept old pokemon out of this game. It gave it a fresh feel, something Diamond was lacking, but the pokemon found in the first half of the game where just dull. THey really picked up towards the end, but still my point stands. Also, the legendaries are far too easy to catch. I have all of the in-game ones, and it's just too easy. I caught the third dragon legendary, an ice one, on the first turn with a duskball. Could you do that to mewtwo? No, he'd destroy you.
    Please understand, it's not that this is a bad game. It's just to me, for the same price, I'd go for Soul Silver/Heart Gold anyday. There's more play in them, and they're happier games in general, with bright and vivid colours.
    My biggest problem with this game? Pokemon cannot walk next to you. That was the greatest thing to happen to pokemon in years, and it went away so we could have slightly different camera angles. What's that noise? Nothing, just the sound of my heart breaking.
    The best thing about this game? It's really not hard. The elite four, who I've heard are much stronger, are easily defeated if you know what types they use and how you can combat those types.
    So, after that rant, is it worth it?
    Well, it's Pokemon. If you love it, then yes. If you're an old school fan though, on the fence, please, get SS/HG. Then maybe this somewhere down the line. It just didn't quite fit...

  2.  Really??


    Once again, a pretty average film with a few exciting scenes. Nothing out of the ordinary, but they are getting better.

  3.  WOW.


    I really enjoyed this film, so much. It took a bit to get into, but it is fantastic, the art direction, the score, even the acting was good. It's nice how it confuses you then wraps it up at the end. Definately worth a shot if you've ever loved Robin Hood, or as already said, Gladiator.

  4.  More of the same.


    OK, here we go again. This is much better than its predecessor, I agree. However, it doesn't feel like a proper complete film. By the end, you've focused do much on the wolf guy, who by all accounts isn't really a werewolf due to the lack of being bitten and the ability to control his morphs, you don't really care for the vampire guy. However, despite the plot not being as good as it could have been, acting has improved, thank God. Kristen Stewart finally shows some real talent, rather than just biting her lip for two hours, and Michael Sheen is, as always fantastic, completely fitting the part. So yeah, if you like twilight, get it. However, if you just want to see what the fuss is about, go for the other one, it might put you off a bit more, but this as a stand alone film is just not worth it if your not a die hard fan.
    *note to self*
    I wonder if they were going out when filming this...because it finally looks like she does love him...



    Please note, I am writing this after spending an hour fighting the stupidly over sized, over protective and massively overpowered boss at the end of arcade mode. I wanted to bash my controller through the screen, I wanted to yell obsenities at passing neighbours, I kicked at the dog when it came in the room. Its just that BRILLIANT.
    IMO, Tekken games have always wound people up to ridiculous extents. This retains that. Here's my summary on the pros and cons I've encountered so far.
    -Impressive graphics, especially on characters.
    -Ridiculous number of customisation options.
    -60 fps is a really nice touch.
    -Exciting gameplay
    -Not an annoying soundtrack. I cant remember it, so it must've been quite good.
    -Scenario campaign explains story well.
    -A nice number of game modes.
    -Huge number of characters.
    -Online implemented very nicely, no problems there.
    -Boss. He's terrible.
    -Moves slightly changed, definately for yoshimitsu=[
    -Ranked matches. People are so concerned of their rank, they'll just tap the same button over and over again to ensure victiry-where's the fun in that??
    Personally, I'd recommend you buy it. I love Tekken, have done for a long time, and this isn't a disappointment. People don't like the scenario campaign, but you only HAVE to play it for a little bit, then you unlock arcade mode. Great fun with friends, and a real time killer. Just don't get to angry....

  6.  Impressove. Very impressive.


    To be honest, I think this game deserves the hype it's getting. The campaign is gripping, online is captivating, and the overall impression is outstanding. However, there are IMO only two glitches within the game.
    1) The story. The not the events themselves, they are exciting, but the plot isn't told in a very good way, with a lack of cut scenes and general explenation.
    2) You guys. Not everyone, but a lot of people take this game wayy too seriously. It is just a game, and OK, that gun is overpowered, and yes he let them plant a bomb, but the response from the public to simple events like this is ridiculous, and I know, I do it too. It winds me up when people call themselves things like "badazz sniez bbz" and then consistently use weapons such as the Famas, or over-accurate machine guns to get up through the ranks. And whose idea was duel-wielding shotguns? Logically, youd struggle to even reload...
    But thats just me letting steam off. Ive never played CoD before, but this is amazing. It's fast paced, and highly addictive. Highly recommended.

  7.  Going for the underdog...


    I bought this game, and have admitidly only played the first level, but I loved it. I can understand why people get frustrated the way they are, after reading many online articals about the issue of the weapons control. But compare it to a standard RPG, it gives more options than a turn based game, like lost oddysey
    The graphics arent terrible, some of the game looks rather nice, and would look a lot nicer, if it wasnt for the camera angles...
    I think for the price people are asking, this is more than a fair buy, and doesnt deserve ALL the bad press its getting. At least its something different, which IMO is what the xbox lacks sometimes, especially of late.

  8.  More than just great value.


    Yes, it is insanly cheap for what you get. I will admit, I liked some games more than other, but they are all very, very good. My least favourite being Team Fortress, but even then I still play it quite a bit. Half-life 2 is just amazing, Ive been playing it a while, but still not finished, so havent started on either extra episode. I think the best game is the most surprising, with Portal showing us how puzzle games could and IMO should be. Different from other puzzlers, it requires quick thinking AND an element of much needed excitement. I only wish theyd do a sequel...

  9.  Erm. Yeah...


    First off, I agree. Not a feel good film in anyway.
    Its actually pretty gruesome...

    My girlfriend loves, to pieces. I didnt. I wasnt that captivated, as you knew he would be let off, and that the flashbacks were too jumpy. I am impressed by the tiny budget claimed to be used, but at the same time, was completely uninspired. Its like a boring Alladin in a way, poor guy makes it rich and pinches the girl. Except Aladins better.

    And how can he love her if hes only seen her once since he was about 5?

    Not a bad flick though, wouldve been four stars if it wasnt for the hype. I think awards ruin films like this, the underdog film that should be praised and doesnt is always better than the underdog who gets too much credit.

  10.  Its dull. But thats my fault.


    I bought this, and for the first day, loved it. But please, dont make the same mistake i did. DO NOT USE THE SAME MOVE AGAIN AND AGIAN. If you do, this can and will get very dull. The first thing you should do is learn a number of moves, because Ive found the combos are pretty good, there is a vast range of ways to kill things. Throwing guys is fun though, and i did let out an evil chuckle as I used lightning force to destroy my enemies... The engine, although not amazing at faces, is unbelievable when it comes to smashing things up, it rly does look different every time. The story didnt quite grab me the way I thought it would, the adverts made it seem more, but Ive only played the first couple of hours, so it could get better, as it was set up quite well. Pretty imersive, good for achievements, well worth the price=
    *Ive finished it now*
    Well, that was quite nice. The geek within me loved the bridge between episodes 3 and 4, and it makes sense as well. I chose the good ending, and seen the other on the web, personally think I chose the better... I wont say what happens, but I suppose its inevitable, and happens with both endings. A bit shorter than I thought it was gonna be, but give it a couple of weeks, ill be playing again=]