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  1.  Wow. There must be a God.


    This is amazing. For the system, the graphics are amazing, just amazing. But the whole look feels pretty similar to Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror, things like the crosshair when its aimed at at a friend, the characters themselves, and the way bodies fling when theres an explosion. For this price, its definatley worth it, especially if you want an amazing fps for the PSP. If games like this keep coming out, students everywhere will fail everything, moreso than now, employees will stay at home, and spouses will have a secret affair with this system. Its that good. Its that dangerous =P

  2.  It's good. It is. It's just...


    OK, yes, I love Green Day as much as the next guy, and this album does do them a lot of justice, but what happened to punk? I always thought GD was a punk group, and with their paranoid conspiracist sounding single, it appears I was right. But was it not Jack Black who once said stick it to the man? Yes, the lyrics may suggest we trust those we shdnt,*scoff*westminster*scoff*, but isnt this idea of rebellion kind of destroyed when you start making insane amounts of money for it? How can you fight the power if hes loading your wallet and telling you he wants the next song done by friday?

  3.  Magnificent.(pun intended)


    My Dad bought this album recently, and in the last week, I have listened to it in full no less than 13 times. Its that amazing. I know a lot of people who dont like Get on Your Boots, and although its grown on me, I think its no-were near the best track, if anything it may actually be one of the albums weak points. The other songs are a revilation, amazing to drive to, or just put on in the background. I wasnt a massive fan of U2, but this albums convinced me.

  4.  Not scary. But rather good...


    I must admit, at no point watching this did I jump, screaming "holy shxt!!!". I didnt find it that scary. Rather disturbing at points, but not omg scary. It was nice seeing that bad guy form the Bourne film, he's cool=] The plot was, um, different, and Im still not quite sure how the deas girl made the tape, and even though the acting was quite crummy at points, it got me interested, and held my interest, almost to the end. It did feel too long, with it look like its finished, then explaining everything, and then finally finishing with a cliffhanger...=/ I dont think it should be a horror film, maybe a thriller, but apart from the odd wierd image, i wdnt have minded my 10 year old sister watching it. Worth it if you can get it quite cheap=]

  5. Juno



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     Hm, OK then...=/


    Think. What is there to this film? Some catchy music, yes, and theres even a plot, along with one or two funny moments. However, I don't think the message behind it is the right one. But yes, its a teen film, and what teen thinks about these things? Not enough is the obvious answer emerging from the number of underage pregnant girls at school...
    Well, take my advice, not the ideal film for a first date.
    So go ahead. Get pregnant while you're still at school. It's OK, because Jennifer Garner will have your baby. And then everyone will live happily ever after.

  6.  Truely amazing.


    I don't read an awful lot, but I did this for my personal study earlier this year. It was amazing. I've now read it three times. The plot is so well thought out, and the characters are so well developed. Actually, it gave me quite an easy A=] Every minute detail is conveyed with vivid description, Harris should be very proud of himself, this is a masterpeice of writing. I read online there is to be a sequal-is this true?

  7.  4.5 out of 5 really....


    I mist say, this is impressive. The graphics are amazing, the story, although a little farfetched, is still pretty good, and the sound-WOW. My ONLY problem with this is the online multiplayer function. It lags, quite a lot, and i think this is largely down to the amazing graphics, theyve traded visuals for performance. And it can take FOREVER to find a match.
    Having said that, the new update is certainly a good idea. The ranking system now makes sense, bots fill spaces of players too whimpy to finish, and those who leave early are quite heavily penalised. More than fair.
    With all these modes, the game definately has reply value, and the achievements arent that bad either. Well worth at least trying, but if you like fps, this should be right up your alley.

  8.  Quite the rare gem. 4.5/5 Really...


    OK, when i first heard about this game, I was soooo excited, and it looked really cool. I was then however told it was a runner, not a fps. A friend lent it to me though, and I loved it, almost every second. The graphics are amazing, and the colour systems basic but cleverly done, and the story itself left you wanting to know more. Its like a book you cant put down, but a game. The sound was pretty good too. I never played it online, I had to give it back, but offline was excellent. Except. ONE TINY little bit, on one of the last couple of levels. It took me OVER THREE HOURS to string this jump up right, rather frustrating. However it made those few gamerpoints all the more sweeter=]
    A good change from the ever so common fps, requires you to think quite a bit and look for more accessible routes. Well worth it for this price.

  9.  Absolutely Loved it.


    Wow. An actually decent film based on a graphic novel, such a rareity these days. Graphics were good for the time, full of one liners, and ive watched it so many times. Definately worth it at this price.

  10.  A brilliant film.


    Cage was superb, really, really fantastic, this is the sort of stuff he does best. Even Jared Leto, the guy out of 30 seconds from Mars, broke the rule that musicians cant act. You even feel sympathy for Cage at the end, despite him being the baddy. A nice clip from amnesty international at the beginning, very humerous, and a much needed message. Hmm, I wonder if Bush or Blair ever saw this. Maybe that's why Blair left...=/