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  1.  Simply Phenominal...


    I'm gobsmacked. Got this from my folks for my 17th in November, and its been amazing. Can be a bit slow on the X-menu(has anyone else had this?), but no real problems so far, not even any red rings. Graphics are amazing, and to be able to create playlists is a nice touch. Its so much more than a gaming console, films are amazing on it, and sound quality is superb. Ive filled over half the hard drive, due to saving games, but I dont think youd NEED 120GB, its just a nice touch. Looks good in black too.

  2.  WOW


    The first game I had for my 360, and it still blows me away. It's fun, without being too childish, yet at the same time, there isnt masses and masses of guts, unlike GoW2. Live is amazing, better than any other game I've played, even GoW2, graphics impressive, and my gosh, the soundtrack is awesome, truely phenominal, especially the main menu music.=)
    A must for ANY fps fan, just GIVE IT A TRY.

  3.  NINTENDO!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!


    What a disappointment. This had sooo much potential-the camera, the media, the store, but nintendo have been too lackadasical in my honetsest of opinions. Yes, wow, two cameras-tw0 basic, less than bog standard cameras. For £150 rrp, I'd have thought they'd be more than VGA, not impressed, at all. I then thought thats ok, the SD slot allows media, but apparently, it only accepts AAC, and not MP3. Whos idea was that? Why isn't it included? Disappointing... But alas, we have the store. It's just not open yet. FOr crying out load nintendo, im dying here. I thought they were challenge the technological genious of the PSP, but they've been too lazy, like they always have with the DS, especially the original. Nice idea, but they could and SHOULD have done so much more.

  4.  I actually rather liked it...


    Yes, theres no vicious sex scenes, and yes, the nice cars only in at the beginning, but I think what this is isn't actually a Bond movie-it's a Bond sequal, which makes all the difference. Luckily for me, the day before seeing this, I just so happened to watch Casino Royal, without which, this movie makes no sense. So yeah, it is quite good, and if you put the two films together, it makes for one awesome evening. The action and suspense in it is great, even if your not sure why he's shooting that guy, or even why he's there=/

  5.  YAY DAVE!!!


    Nice shirt, vibrnat colour, good fit, and cool design. At this price, a must for foo fans everywhere

  6.  Its not THAT bad...


    Yes, OK, you die a lot. Yes, OK, theres not even always a reason for you to die on it. And yes, the acheivements are NEAR IMPOSSIBLE, but isnbt that what sonics about?
    Whn i was a little kid, I played Sonic on my friends beloved dreamcast, and we'd NEVER make it past the third level. This could be down to a challenging game, or us being 6. But I liked this game, quite a lot. It's nice to see sonic going, and yes, there are vital areas that need attention, but you do get a LOT of gameplay out of it, if you stick at it. I spent 3 days over christmas, with my cousin, just trying one level on multiplayer. On the third day, the wierd control system finally kicked, and we had soo much fun. BUT. Who is Eggman?
    We want robotnick!!!!!

    For this price, it's woth it. It's a colourful, challenging game, one that you could love, once you get used to it.

  7.  Very, very impressed.


    This is an amazing game. I only spent about £10 on playtrade, and never regretted it. The combat scenes are awesome, and even though there is no live option on it, there is replay value, im on my easter break just now, and ive played it nearly everyday so far, even though I've finished it. And the ONE driving scene in it is sooo much fun!!! The adrenaline takedowns are very cool, although Im trying not to use them as much recently, as im after acheivements. Buy it, especially at this price, I've turned into quite the Bourne fan, and you wont be disappointed.

  8.  Well...


    I have to say, I give this five stars because I genuinly think theres nothing wrong with it. It's cheap, fast, and looks rather stylish in my opinion. I like the way the LED seems to swell when its idle=] The only thing with it, and i stress it is the ONLY thing, is the U3 program, but one click of a button and its disabled. Nice guys, thanks=]

  9.  Sorry, but what?


    OK, so, if I give my honest opinion, which i shall, i shall be hunted down by half the female teenagers across the globe. But seriously, what's the big deal? I went with some friends to see it, all of whom are into twilight, and was told I'd like it, it's about vampires. And i did, well, some of it at least, the fight was pretty awesome. But i fail to see what the huge fuss is about. It is an amazing story idea, and I've heard the books much better, but the way it was turned into a film didn't impress me at all. Bella displayed about two emotions as far as I can recall-dull and, well, dull. And yes, Rob did quite a good job of Edward, but the way he was portrayed I think was a bit too...full of himself? It wasn't a terrible film, in anyway, much better than a few I've seen lately, but I think what ruined it for me was all the hype before, during, and after it came out, I really was expecting so much more. It didn't strike me as much of a romance film either, in fact I thought sneaking into bedrooms to be a bit creepy, and slightly illegal=/ However, the soundtrack is awesome. So, all in all, not a bad film, but completely let down by the very fans it swore to serve, too big a deal was made of it.

  10.  WOW


    I got ths for christmas, from a dear friend of mine, purely because I kept humming Sex On Fire whilst next to her in physics, not meaning anything. So when I first listened to it, ddn't quite get it, but then decided to listen to it again, and its just so amazing. The music really conveys emotion, and ts nice that the band themselves aren't all that showy. This is the way music should be.