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  1.  Seriously intense!


    This is quite frankly the most awesome racer i've played in a long time. Racing games by their very nature can be frantic affairs anyway as you jostle for position to finish first but when you add to this the added dimension of destruction and mayhem that this game brings, it mounts up to one seriously awesome game. Some of the larger powerplays where you wreck havoc on your opponents are simply incredible and the feeling of satisfaction when you wipe out 5 other drivers in one go is immensely satisfying. Of course anything you can do to them, they can also do to you so you can't relax not even for a split second (no pun intended!) I've seen some silly comments on here with regards to the handling and speed of the cars. I can only assume that this is based on the one car in the demo as some of the more powerful cars you unlock as you progress in this game are seriously quick with really tight, nimble handling. Special mention as well must go the graphics on this game which are absolutely superb and among the best i've seen this generation. It really does look that good at times especially when you're using the bumper cam. All in all, if you like your racers with a shot of adrenaline then check this out, you won't be disappointed.

  2.  Deserves more love...


    If the sales figures are to be believed, then this game has been overlooked by the vast majority of the games playing public which is a real shame.

    Grin (the developer) have done a good job with this and although the pacing can be a tad slow at the beginning, the overall game is a polished product and highly playable. Combat is supremely satisfying (although the tinny gun sound for the pistol is disappointing) but some of the more meatier weapons are definitely up to the task at hand. Where this game really excels though is in the use of the bionic arm. At first it seems unwieldy and hopelessly inaccurate but after an hour or two, you'll be amazed with how competent you'll become with it and you'll be grappling rock faces, ripping trams apart and throwing cars and enemies to the floor with consumate ease.

    Technically, the game is also very nice and runs on Grin's own Diesel engine which must be commended for a smooth framerate and zero screen tearing. The soundtrack that accompanies the game is also excellent and the sound effects are nicely done (the deep robotic noises the Mechs make are particularly haunting.)

    To summarise then, I'd say this really is a shamefully overlooked game and well worth a punt especially now its available at a cheaper price. Highly recommended.

  3.  Bring on the sequel please!


    To me, this game is so much more than the sum of its parts. From the stylistic graphics that convey a sterile and oppressive future, to the wonderfully atmospheric ambient soundtrack that ups it's tempo in moments of action, the whole package is really beautifully put together. You actually start to feel as if you're Faith as you jump and climb about the rooftops of the city whilst fearing for your life at every turn. Even now, after multiple playthroughs, I still get a rush of adrenaline as I'm legging it away whilst being chased and frantically shot at.

    If you haven't played this yet then quite frankly you are missing out on one of the finest games on this generation of consoles. High praise indeed but thoroughly well deserved in my opinion.

  4.  It's good but....


    In terms of the way Tiger Woods plays, it's as good as its ever been but as a yearly update it's disappointing. It's the little touches that are lacking in this that tell me that they haven't made as big an effort as they could've. I mean why do the trees still not sway when it's windy? Why does not a single person in the crowd have an coat on or an umbrella when it's chucking it down with rain? Why are the graphics virtually identical to '09? Why are EA offering 2 courses for download for an extra £4.79 each and not including them on this disc? Personally I find it a bit insulting that content is held back from the final game so that they can charge even more money for it via download. As I say, this game does play superbly but it's all a bit too cheeky if you ask me.

  5.  At this price, you'd be mad not to....


    I'll keep this review quite short by simply saying this; f you love action games then I don't think they come a lot better than this one.

    The gun fights are just so bloody and violent that you can't help but get drawn in and although some might argue that it gets repetitive, I certainly didn't find that to be the case. The game just feels "right" when you play it with perfect controls, crisp graphics and frantic action. The game itself isn't massively long but I thought the makers had judged the length just right and it certainly doesn't out stay its welcome like alot of games do.

    Overall then, I'd say if you're looking for a blast and you enjoyed the gun fights in Uncharted then you'll certainly enjoy this. Grab it while you can at £9.99!

  6.  I liked it despite the flaws......


    I think everyone is now aware of the bad ratings this game has got but I do think some of the people who've rated it have only played it for 20 minutes or so before judging it. Yes it has some obvious faults but having played it from beginning to end, I found it very addictive stuff and I've played it consistently for weeks.

    The game is split into 3 types of gameplay; town sections where you wonder around Soleanna, action stages which is the main part of the game and speed stages where Sonic runs at full pelt through a level avoiding obstacles. I think the main criticism of this game is that the town and speed sections are poorly executed, the town sections in particular suffering quite atrocious slowdown with poor loading times. However get to any of the action stages (which is the real meat of the game) and things improve considerably. While not flawless, these levels are extremely good fun and as each one is unlocked, it can be returned to again so secret routes and stuff can be discovered. This for me is where the game really proved addictive and as such, I've rated it 3 stars despite the obvious flaws that it has. After all, surely the point of a game is to entertain and be fun?

    So to summarise, you may well hate this game (a lot of the reviews here prove people do) but to anyone who enjoyed Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, you might well find plenty to enjoy here so play it for yourself and form your own opinion.

  7.  Classic Sega racing...


    This is a really great game for some frantic arcade action. Yes the cars don't damage but does anyone really care when the racing action is this hectic. Plus it's an ARCADE game not a simulation!

    The main thing Sega Rally has going for it that alot of other driving games lack is that it's FAST. With the camera angle slung down low at the front of the car, the speed is especially immense and it's thrilling stuff especially when you're jostling for position with the other cars on the track. The graphics in my opinion are lovely with beautifully drawn cars, lush environments and typical bold Sega colours. The only negatives are some occasional screen tearing when the camera viewpoint is from behind the car but it doesn't ruin the experience too much and other viewpoints virtually eradicate this problem anyway. Also you can't tweak the suspension, gearing etc like you could on the Sega Dreamcast version which is a bit of a backwards step considering this is the most powerful generation of consoles yet. The soundtrack isn't really anything special either but it's still an improvement from the norm nowadays which seems to be to stick on a load of grating rock tracks from obscure bands i.e Motorstorm.

    Overall then I'd say this is well worth picking up and I personally always find myself returning to it for a blast as its just great arcade fun. Highly recommended.

  8.  Should've been so much better than this.....


    Don't be fooled, this may be called Golden Axe and have Sega's name on it but it wasn't developed by them and boy, does it show.

    The graphics themselves are very shoddy with basic textures, sparse environments and screen tearing at every opportunity (think of PS2 graphics in hi-def and you're halfway there.) Gameplay is also pretty basic with a simple level design that involves running along, dispatching a few enemies, running along some more, solving a simple puzzle, running along some more and repeat. On a plus point, the combat is fairly satisfying with blood and dismemberment aplenty but the beasts themselves don't seem to add much to the gameplay which is disappointing considering the title is built around that promise.

    Overall then i'd say steer clear of this and rent it only if you're still curious about it. There's certainly some enjoyment to be had but it's not much and it certainly isn't the game that it could've been.