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  1.  Peace of mind in a box...


    After having had McAfee on my PC for a few years and constantly having to deal with spyware and viruses I eventually began searching for new anti virus software. I found Kapersky internet security and I have never looked back. In the 2 years I've had this installed I have had not one virus, spyware or trojan affect my PC in any way.
    Combine with Mozilla Firefox as your browser and you're safe from most nasty software.
    As resources go, I've not had a problem at all. I find the gamer mode very useful as it stops updates and notification pop ups when you use a full screen application.
    Also Kapersky updates almost daily so you dont get any single huge update once a month which is great if you dont have a good internet connection.
    The interface is simple and easy to use, but with plenty of optional settings for the advanced user.
    You cannot go wrong with this software.
    I will most definatly be renewing my license at the end of 2010.

  2.  Excellent.


    Having not played a Total War game since Shogun Total War I really didn't know what to expect. Therefore when I played my first battle I was simply blown away.
    Zoomed out the scale is epic, craters appear in the ground as cannon fire resounds across the battle field and the ranks of men march steadily across.
    Zoom in however and the tramp of boots, the marching beat and the nervous mutterings of the men can all be heard. When they charge the camera shakes and a roar goes up which all adds to the epic experience.
    The graphics are great and there are also enough models so the squads look mixed, rather than like the clone armies you used to get.
    So battles are great...campaign then...
    Well I enjoyed it, mostly...I played on a moderate difficulty setting and had a fairly good time. Taking Paris and ramaging through Europe was very enjoyable (I was the British). However the AI was remarkably stupid on some occasions (hence the 4 stars) and often attacked my armies with a single squad of men whilst its huge armies wandered aimlessly round the country side until I came and put them out of their misery.
    However this was fairly rare and for the most part I found the game challanging and rewarding to play.
    Highly reccomended for those who have played Total War games before, enjoy commanding huge armies in tactical battles or simply want to show Napoleon how its done.

  3.  An Epic Achievement


    Wow, where to start. Firstly, as always, Play.com had it on my doorstep the day stated. The download pack came the day after, so top job there.
    Right, the game. For those of you who played the original Mass Effect and enjoyed it you are going to love this. All the little things you didnt like have been fixed, the combat is more fluid and realistic, the inventory simplified and side quests are really enjoyable for once.
    Hacking and security bypasses involve new mechanics as does planetry exploration. All for the better.
    Cinematics are excellent as is the story in general, I often find myself playing just to get to the next cutscene they're so good.
    For newcomers to the trilogly dont be worried by the backstory, if you dont import a ME1 save you get a rundown of previous events.
    ME2 is a third person RPG shooter thing where you fly your space ship round the galaxy picking up a team of experts to take on a threat to the galaxy...simple really. An excellent story, much improved third person combat and more interactive quests and characters make ME2 unmissible for any ME1 fan, and a must play game for any newcomers...expect to watch the hours fly by.

  4.  Beautiful...the true child of Far Cry


    Simply put, even three years later there are hardly any games out there that look as good as this. Because the gameplay is not what this game is about, although it is good fun, this game was made to push your graphics card to the edge.
    The gameplay is different from most other FPSs in which you are often an all powerful super man...in Crysis your suit is what makes you great, but it can only focus on one attribute at a time, speed, strength, armor and cloaking. Adjusting the suit is done in real time, as are weapons modifications, which really puts the pressure on if you're stuck in a firefight.
    This is not a game where you can waltz into a KPA camp and expect to walk out again without doing a bit of planning first.
    If you have played Far Cry and were looking for more this is the game for you. A truely epic gaming experience with a beautiful enviroment, excellent AI and a variety of levels. And the online multiplayer isnt bad either...

  5.  Outstanding


    One of the greatest TV series I have ever seen. With excellent characters and storyline it is a massive shame that it was canncelled. On the other hand it has been protected from being ruined like so many other TV shows that are dragged on for far too long. If youve watched the film Serenity then this will help it all make sense, and if you havn't buy it as well. The two compliment each other perfectly. Well worth buying, you wont regret it.

  6.  Excellent and alternative


    What an excellent album. The style of music is to me almost unique. It sounds little like the Klaxons, the music is upbeat and fast paced. The guitar work is excellent and the electronic sounds combine perfectly.
    Having now seen them live at the Orange Box i can honestly say they have become one of my favourite bands.
    Well worth buying but dont expect to love it first listen if you've never heard any of their work before...if you can pick up the 2CD version, with live tracks and classics Hummer its well worth the money.

  7.  Its really not Far Cry 2...


    Despite the fact that Ubisoft declared this game the true sequel of Far Cry it bears almost no resemblence to it in any way. The good graphics are about the only thing they share.
    The game itself is fairly repetative but mostly because of the stupidly short respawn time for enemies...the malaria mechanic is also irritating. The element of exploration is also not great as the map is mostly impassable hills which prevent direct travel and funnel you into constant repetative fights. The fighting itself is also poor, the guns look bad and break quickly. The inability to go prone is strange to say the least.
    Grapics are good. Gameplay is poor. If you want to explore buy Fallout 3. If you want to shoot stuff buy Crysics or COD. If youve never played Far Cry...buy that.

  8.  The Best Kings of Leon Album so far


    I have followed this band from nearly the begining and I still think this is their best album by far, although other albums may have better songs this is the one that I can listen to again and again. It is one of the few albums I own that i can listen to the whole way through (with Because of the Times being another). This is not a waste of money, buy this CD.
    : D