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  1.  Great card....while it worked.


    Died in less than 10 uses....luckily I had backed up my photo's just before it went.

  2.  Amazing card


    Well worth the money. Have been able to play every game I have with max settings (Crysis included), and fram rates are excellent. The card scores 7.8 in Windows 7. Doesn't get too hot with full load, and is quiet as a mouse. Added bonus of being VERY energy efficient while just surfing the net etc.
    Dirt2 free is a massive bonus, with Direct11 support the game looks amazing, can't wait till it's released so I can play it myself.
    I'd recommend this card to anyone.

  3.  Pretty, but not pretty good.


    If you are into things that look good, but don't function too well, then this cooler is for you. It's aimed at those with clear cases, or windows in the side of their PC's and like to show their friends how 'cool' their PC looks inside.

    But if you are an overclocker, or have higher end CPU's that run quite hot anyway, then this is certainly not for you.

    The fact is that your stock HS/Fan that comes with retail CPU's are BETTER than this at cooling, and are also quieter at idle and full load.

    You can get better coolers for nearly half the price, and great coolers than will keep your CPU 10-15 degree's lower than this for the same money.

  4.  Fantastic value, so much better than stock coolers


    I bought this after reading the single review that was posted here, and what a great decision that was.
    I have an Intel C2D E8400 (2 x 3.0Ghz). After building my PC I thought I'd run a few tests and was shocked at the CPU temp. Using the Intel cooler that came with the CPU at Idle the temp was a worrying 52c, and at max load it was an even more worrying 72-75c.
    After installing this Spire cooler, with fresh thermal compound, the idle temp is a cooler 38c, and pushing the CPU's as hard as possible with multiple CPU burn-in apps couldn't make it go above 45-46c. No doubt when the compound has set this will drop 2-3c.

    All in all this is amazing value and I'd recomment it to anyone.

  5.  Great stick for a great price


    Had no problems at all with this USB stick. Worked straight out the box as usual, and transferred 15GB of video files to it in under 25 minutes. Formatted you will get 15.1GB.

    Only downside is that it's a little bulky. When you look at the actually size of the memory inside (the case is translucent) you can see that they could have made it quite a bit shorter and slimmer (it is a little bulky), but due to it's design I suppose it needs to be bigger to avoid breaking it. All in all well worth the money.

  6.  Better than expected for the price


    For it's price, I wasn't really expecting too much from this camcorder. I'd read reviews on other sites complaining about picture quality due to the compression. However, it seems perfectly fine to me, and is comparable to my Sony mini DV cam. Even at full 37x optical zoom the picture is pretty decent (but even with the image stabilization you will need a VERY stead hand or a tripod for a steady picture at full zoom).
    It's a nice size, fits in the palm of the hand nicely, but isn't too small. It's well made and feels pretty solid in the hand.
    The added bonus for me was the infra-red remote, which I wouldn't expect on a camera at this price. It's very useful if you use a tripod as you don't get any of that shake like you would after pressing the record button on the camera.
    Get a good 2-2.5 hours recording time from the battery. And the 8GB Play SDHC memory card (£14.99) gets nearly 2 hours of video at the highest quality setting.
    Quality in dark situations isn't great, but it's good enough.

    My one and only gripe is the fact that to transfer files via the USB cable you need the mains adapter plugged in. So if you take the camera anywhere and you want to transfer the files (e.g. at a freinds house) you have to take the mains adapter with you.
    A better option would be to get a SDHC compatible USB card reader, which can be picked up pretty cheap if you know where to look.

    I can't comment on the still picture quality as that's not why I bought it, so haven't tried it. I have a nice still camera for that.

    As well as a built in mic, it has a seperate mic input (standard 3.5m jack), which is a useful feature for some.

    All in all I'm very happy with the camera (and Play's price, which seems to be the cheapest around), and only took 2 days to arrive after ordering (although the memory card came a day later).

  7.  Worth buying


    I'd class 30 seconds to mars in the same category as Linkin Park, but their music has a much more modern feel to it.
    Their debut self titled album was OK, if a bit quirky with all the sci-fi references. But this, their second attempt, is much improved. The album on the whole is pretty good, with a few stand out tracks.

    For the £5 Play are currently asking, it's well worth the money if you're an alternative American rock fan.
    If you haven't heard any decent alt US rock, then this isn't a bad place to start, although the are better bands over there that very people this side of the pond have heard of.