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  1.  Actually quite fun.


    Not as god as call of duty obviously. It is different. once you leanr t switch through players effectively it's very fun. you can use the environment to your advantage with collapsable structures explosives etc.

    Just a fun game not a great one but doesn't deserve the poor reviews it gets.

  2.  Brilliant film. English subs only.


    For such a slow film this really kept me interested. Not once during the 2 hrs 15 mins did I look at the clock and wish it would hurry up.
    It is an emotional movie basically, a tale of hope, friendship and corruption which is one of the best movies ever made.

    English subs only, but if you know English you will not struggle. I often need subtitles because I can't pick everything up but with this movie the dialog was not drowned out by other noises so it is very easy to hear.

    Oh and this movie has one of the best musical scores I have ever heard.

  3.  Great acting, easy to doze off.


    This is clearly a very well scripted movie, It is 2 1/2 hours long which does make it feel rather slow until the last 30 mins where it speeds up and things start coming together. Maybe the reason I did not find this movie as enjoyable as most people do is because I already knew the Zodiac story.
    The acting here is top notch. Jake Gyllenhaal is as good as ever and again plays his type. Downey jr. provides the comic relief, but not much of it.
    Most of the film is spent just showing discussions between the police and the reporters. This is not an action thriller by any means.

    Hovering between 3 and 4 stars for entertainment value I decided to give 4 stars because of the good quality of the video. I watched this DVD upscaled to 1080p and it was pretty smooth. It was not as detailed as the blu-ray and the background faded out of focus. However faces and close ups were smooth.

  4.  Entertaining, smart and stylish


    Despite what you may think, this movie does not feel repetative as what you see on each rewind is a different persons story and is so far unseen. That is not to say though that the storylines do not intertwine. They actually integrate with each other very intuitively and during one persons story you will see in the background the other charachters performing theirs.
    The slow start is pretty slick at introducing the concept but before long the movie speeds up and there are twists and new plot details at every corner. There is also a lot of action towards the conclusion.
    What the movie is really about however, Is humans tendency to judge a situation prematurely and assume something based on their limited information.

    The transfer to blu-ray here is fantastic, The colors of the hot plaza and the vibrant Spanish flags everywhere are a treat for the eye. The outdoor scenes are incredibly detailed and every drop of sweat shines with immense detail. Indoor scenes are also very crisp and do not suffer from excessive grain like many movies do with dark scenes.

    The extras on this disk however are very disapointing, There are a couple of interviews and a lot of the director praising the actors and discussing the consept behind Vantage point.

    This movie is worth a buy, at 2 for £25 it is decent value. I got it for £9.99 on playtrade which I am very happy with.

  5.  Nice blu-ray, greta movie.


    Lets get this out of the way, This is a brilliant blu-ray visually, It is also a great movie.
    Some of the best scenes are shot using IMAX cameras which change the aspect ratio to about fullscreen and they deliver a quality which is far beyond anything that I have seen come from 35mm film, which is what the rest of the movie is shot in, It delivers exceptional quality and a 2.4:1 aspect ratio.
    The movie is far more appealing than batman begins and more enjoyable, however after a few viewing you will begin to realise that it is actually quite gimmicky and begins to lack some depth. However if viewings are not frequent One can appreciate this movie as it is, one of the best movies of this decade.
    The sound is also amazing, Using front surround it was great, as it was using the tv speakers. With a real surround sound system it would be a treat. The menacing music played when the joker is around builds a lot of atmosphere.

    It could be appropriate to label it as "jack of all trades but master of none". However it is very competent with almost every theme and genre it explores. Something which many movies fail to do.

  6.  Decent film, great transfer


    Being only my 5th blu-ray purchase I am no expert however I did realise that this is a very nice blu-ray. The quality far surpasses the dvd version. This is not because of clarity ( although the clarity here is good) but rather the extent of the colours. In the dvd version it felt too white and lacked any sort of detail in the darker scenes.
    This movie is filmed with a blue tint which greatly emphasises the chilly feeling of the whole thing. There is actually some grain, but it is usually present only in outdoor scenes and I believe is intentional just to make the blizzards look more dense.
    Overall this is one of the best disaster movies to come out in a while because of the great CGI and great acting.

    If you like it and will want to watch it multiple times definately buy the blu-ray version but if you just want to give it a shot then but the dvd (only a few quid on here)