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  1.  Does exactly what it should do.. Boosting your internet!!


    I am coming from a Dlink g510 g wireless card which is struggling to play youtube content without a pause and generally getting poor reception. I ran speed test and with my previous card I was getting 0.96Mbs download and 1Mbs upload on a 30Mbit Connection (Im on 1st floor, router on ground floor) with this TP-Link card with the 64bit drivers installed for windows 7 (latest drivers from their website) I'm getting 24Mbs download and 1Mbs upload. A huge improvement. I would definitely recommend this card and dont worry about the signal bar on your task bar being only 3 it will still beat your old wireless card even on 1 bar!

  2.  Simpply must buy


    I remember watching this series back when I was in high school (long time ago) and when I purchsed this I knew what I was expecting.... an amazing series once again. What I wasn't expecting was the series I watched before but close to being entirely new experience. The video detail is amazing but what does it for me is the sound track, simply amazing it really works my surround set-up, i'm currently on the 4th disk, watching the battle of Bastogne and its fantastic! The explosions with the trees shattering is an experience to be had. My mum watched this espisode with me and she hates loud action (always telling me to turn it down!) but when she watched it.... not a whisper she told me after she loved it and if it impressed her (she knows nothing about surround sound and stuff) then its got to be good! each disk just gets better and better seriously

  3.  Underrated or what??


    This movie is deffinatly not as bad as people are making it out to be its sooo underrated, sure its got some over the top gorey bits but when you finish watching this movie it does make you think. Its deeply disturbing and a fine movie to have in anybody's bluray collection, poor rated reviews could be due to the fact it taps into current social topics in england that people feel is too hot to handle.