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  1.  Real 'GOOD' Triggers


    Without the real triggers i didn't have much of a problem, but when you put them on it takes a while to get used to. Once you do, its hard to go back. It is a real help and i recommend them.

  2.  James Bond: Quantum Of Solace


    This game is brilliant!! If you have seen the movie it is so accurate. It combines both Quantum Of Solace and Casino Royale. The story mode is long and entertaining. Each level as its own trophy, such as use stealth without getting seen.
    The online is great, with many different modes such as golden gun, deathmatch, bond versus, and more.
    This is a great game.

  3.  Midnight Club: Los Angeles


    When I heard that midnight club: Los Angeles was coming out, I was ecstatic! This is because I had own the previous midnight club 3: Dub Edition for PSP and that was great.
    When I bought the game I couldn't wait to start playing it. The game starts of great, with the choice of three cars and great cut scenes. The background soundtracks entertain you well. It has good graphic and its 1080p. As you go on through the game it gets harder as expected, but as you get a faster cars more glitches seem to occur. For example when you are driving through the streets at high speeds, the road and buildings around you suddenly turn into poor, blurry, 2D graphics. Also if you get the fastest motorbike and drive at a wall head on, you will sometimes go through it. And finally if you change the controls, then when you come off of a menu by pressing x then it will do whatever you have changed it to. (E.g. Nitrous). When you are in a police chase with one police car, it suddenly disappears and three more appear. For me that is a good thing because that is when the chase becomes intense. The replay factor is good because you can find races anywhere and there are a lot of challenging trophies.

  4.  Resistance: Retribution - Collector's Edition


    I have got the demo for this game and it reminds me of Resistance FOM and 2 but on a lower scale. The game is simular in some ways; the guns are the same, it has the Narator from RFOM, and the types of Chimera are the same. Differences are; its in third-person (i think its better for PSP), its a different person, and more. This is a great game for PSP and they come around that often anymore. A diffinate buy.

  5.  LocoRoco


    This game is brilliant. Its so original and fun. Although its 2D, it works. Tilting the planet to get the LocoRoco to the end of the level is great fun. I recommend it as well as Patapon. Its made by the same people.

  6.  Amazing Demo


    I downloaded the demo for RE5 off the PS Store and I cant get round how good it is. The graphics, gameplay, and cut scenses, are amazing but the only bad thing is the camera angles. Its ok once you get use to it though. Although the demo only comes with two levels I can see meself getting this game.

  7.  Mirrors Edge


    The first time I saw this game was in a trailer, and as soon as I saw I knew this game was for me. This unique game combines Parkour (free running) and First Person Shooting. As soon as I bought it I was hooked. The free running in the earlier levels is great! The slow motion feature not only helps you out but it also makes the jump or move more thrilling and keeps you no the edge off your seat. The graphics and visuals are great but it's a shame that in the cut scenes (excluding after the first level and when you finish the game) are in a strange cartoon animation. During the combat stages it seems like you are playing a real, full on shooter.
    There are only two small bad things about this game. One is that some of the trophies are really easy, (this may be a good thing for some!) and the story mode is a bit short. But all in all it's a great game and I recommend it to anyone who likes a gripping, edge of the seat shooter.

  8.  Virtua Tennis 3


    Very fun game but only for a short period of time. The SIXAXIS mode is brilliant. The game has come down in price which makes it worth the money.

  9.  The Simpsons Game


    A bit too easy and a bit too short. Once you have finnished the game there is nothing to do apart from collect tokens - boring!