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  1.  Is this Uncharted's Last Crusade?


    First of all I am a beloved fan of the Uncharted series and particularly the second adventure in the series Among Thieves which deserved every piece of praise that it deserved. That said Uncharted 3 was a MUST for me this holiday season and what I had seen over the year this was promising to be possibly Uncharted's finest adventure yet.

    So is it? If I'm being honest with myself....possibly not. However that shouldn't persuade you not to get this game. As always Naughty Dog create a very realistic world in a fantastic setting and give us very rich, well rounded characters that are above all else, the heart of the Uncharted series.

    Uncharted 3 is very much the bromance piece of the series. After fans demanding more Sully, Naughty Dog responded and brought Sully back for Nathan Drake's latest adventure. This time Drake is on a quest for 'The Atlantis of the Sands,' that his anscestor, Sir Francis was sent to investigate from Queen Elizabeth the 1st. However it's as never straight forward as Nathan will be racing to the destination against Katherine Marlowe, a woman who is linked to a 400 year old cult conspiracy to hunt for Atlantis themselves and of course things never go soo simply for our hero. Unlike past Uncharted villian's you'll notice that this is the first female villian(ess) and she's a different type of villain. She's more challenging as she psychologically get's inside our hero's head. (Chapter 11 was WOW!)

    The graphics look astonishing in this. I know everyone says they're the best on any console and to be fair, it's a fact. It even comes to the point I no longer use the term graphics with Uncharted. It's simply perfected game animation. Here the WOW moment is the sand. In Uncharted 1 Naughty Dog worked on water, in Among Thieves it was snow and now the sand is visually the stand out of this title. When walking across it, you can feel your fingers pushing on your controller, really getting the feel of the condition of the sand dunes. It feels awesome.

    The multi-player is fantastic too. Here we see a more perfected model of the multiplayer that existed in Uncharted 2. 5x5 team objective maps and competitive maps filled with modifications for weapons, character, medal kickbacks and perks all giving every player who goes into Uncharted's multiplayer their own individual identity. However for multi-player the stand out and possibly overlooked aspect is the co-op adventure modes. Here 2-3 players battle their way through small self contained narratives based on maps from the 3 Uncharted games whilst battling swarms of enemies. The result is challenging. It's brilliant.

    It's impossible to think that anyone who owns a PS3 will not be thinking about buying Uncharted 3. It surpasses it's predessasors in many ways but leaves behind some moments i miss. That said Uncharted 3 is fantastic and not one to be missed.

    Story 4/5
    Gameplay 4/5
    Graphics (I mean animations) 5/5
    Multiplayer 5/5
    Overall 4.5/5

  2. inFamous



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     Your either the Hero or your the Villian. You decide?


    Sony have really gone and out sold themselves in 2009 and inFamous is a fantastic example of a very stylised and unique game overall. Set in a an Apocolypse scene when something known as a RaySphere is detonated in Empire City, it leaves crime to rule the streets.

    However hope lingers in the name (or does it?) of the protagonist (gameplay character) Cole.

    This is where the gameplay is interesting. The game judges you on your actions as you clean up the city and whether you'll be the city's Hero or whether they'll potray you as the very symbol of crime your are trying to defeat.

    This gives the game incredible replay value, not only for the trophy system but also so you can replay it and see how the story and the characters unfold as you play the game on the other scale of your actions.

    The gameplay reminded me of the Spiderman series I saw on the PS2 where you would roam New York doing mission after mission and where this intial thought made me dislike inFamous at first it really grows on you because Sony have really brought the city and characters to life.

    The story mode will take you about somewhere beyond 10+ hours you frirst time round and youll really get thrown into the rythum of the gameplay.

    I think its a shame there was no online features with this. A simple deathmatch or something would have been acceptable i thought and i think this is the only reason a drop it a star. Other then that a great single player campaign.

    inFamous is really a must-buy for and PS3 user in 2009.

    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 8
    Sound 9
    Overall 8.5

  3.  A Triumph In Television That Will Be Remembered Forever.....


    If you asked me six years ago what I thought about castaway dramas I would of possibly told you they were cliched and a dying breed. Why did I become attracted to the concept of LOST? Possibly JJ Abrams to initially start with who was a huge pedigree for the show to launch. Anyone who has seen his body of work will know how full of ideas this man has and LOST is the pivatel plate in all that.

    What made LOST interesting? It was simply it's own show and was a stamp to tell the world how American television could be experianced. From it's experianced cast (Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, Dominic Monaghan, Evangeline Lily, Micheal Emerson, Terry O Quinn and soo many others) to it's expensive production (set on location in Hawaii) you watch LOST and know a single penny hasn't been wasted. LOST has been defined as half way between film and televison due to it's presentation is next to nothing you will see on televison of it's era. It's the cinematic experiance you can watch in your own home.

    What is LOST all about? If you come across any fan of this show not a single person could describe it in a single sentence. That's mainly because the show is deeply layered with beautiful story telling, well structured characters and an intriguing mythology that pitches itself up there with the likes of Star Wars. However LOST is simply about a diverse group of people who survive a plane crash on a pacific Island in the South Pacific and just simply are taking on an extrodinary journey. Some would say essentially a 'character study' based upon human ideologies about what it means to be somebody in that situation.

    The thing I love about this show soo much is that it has a well structured plot. You know when watching this that is has a cemented beginning, middle and an end, not only to the seasons themselves but the overall story arc alone. It's mythology leaves fans debating across fan forums today and will be in years to come about the mysteries surrounding the show. The development of character is extroadinary here and by the time you have watched the first season you are invested in everybody but by the time the series ends you'll know everything about every character in this show.

    LOST has captured millions of people's imaginations, including my own. It has simply bacame my favourite television series ever and will probably stay there for many years to come. I'm sure people reading this review have probably watched the show before but if you are new to the series you won't be disappointed. I recommend completely. You'll come out of this show in tears.

    10/10 - I'll miss you forever LOST!

  4.  You Best Wrap Up Warm For Heavy Rain.


    Heavy Rain is possibly one of those games that just comes out of nowhere and shocks you completely. It was only about two weeks before its release when I first heard of this title and after missing the oppotunity to play Farenheit back on the PS2 I was most certainly going to buy this game with no expectations and it was by far the best way to do so.....

    I see many reviews saying this game is far too short. There's only one answer to that. "Don't let your characters die". Infact that is Heavy rains unique selling point. Although the experiance is like sitting in the cinema watching an intense thriller play out which you (the player) are in full control of, the unique thing is that any of your four leading characters can die at any moment and the story will just continue without them.

    It is truely an amazing game. If you get the the opening sequences the tension picks up and you'll really enjoy the next 8-10 hours. All four characters are diverse in terms of what they do and how their stories play out.

    Heavy Rain is just an awesome Thriller which the player has 100% control over (no joke there either) and anyone with appreciation to play a game that is different to any of the cliched games out at the moment will love Heavy Rain and possibly demand a sequel like soo many others.

    My only bad point about the game is that if you are parcial to the odd online game like myself you wont find it with Heavy Rain

    Gameplay 9/10
    Graphics 10/10
    Overall 9/10

  5.  The Inmates Are Running This Asylum Baby.


    Without sounding cliched or predictable, wheather you believe the hype or not Batman Arkham Asylum is one fanstastic game. From its amazing attention to detail, creditable storyline (deep and dark), rich brought to life characters thanks to an amazing cast (we salute you Mark Hamil) this game has soo much potential and succeeds on soo many levels.

    Arkham Asylum in my opinion was a dangerous choice of setting to set this game due to we had never really adventured there this deep in the past titles (or films even) but its attention to design and story to the island brings the Batman Universe more to life then we once thought. The enemies you face (Joker, Harleey Quinn etc:) are not missed cause and all have a very important part to play particular Killer Croc who seems to make his impresions on you very early on in the opening monolouges.

    The upgrade system varies on your performance in the game, the points you gain by taking down enemies results in how often you get to upgrade your combo attacks and gagets throughout the game and with predator gameplay you'll be scanning rooms to find the best ways to take your enimies out.

    And to add to that you have the additional challenge maps which are just as compelling to play as the story mode. If your a PS3 user aswell don't feel put off by downloading the additional Joker character pack (its free). The Joker isnt just Batman in another costume it's a completely different way of approaching the gameplay and has some brilliant comic attitude to the challenge maps. The combat merely stays the same but the dynamics of the character helps takedown enemies diffently. Whereas Batman has access to gargoyles to scan an area out quicker, Joker dosent but instead has a shotgun with one bullet, detonating teeth and a much better design label.

    And so the single player campaign will take you anywhere to 8+ hours to complete depending on whether you take time in additionally solving The Riddler's 240 riddles he's placed on Arkym island.

    Overall Batman Arkham Asylum is the most realistic and true potrayl of the Batman Universe you can play on any console and this is truely Edios greatest game to date and o that note Harleey Quinn looks pretty hot and who knew The Joker had a receding hairline?

    Graphics 9
    Gameplay 10
    Sound 9
    Overall 9

  6.  Believe The Hype, Resi 5 Explodes 2009 Releases


    Just when the world thought games sucked Capcom pull it off again. Ever since the ps3 and xbox 360 launches Capcom have gave the consoles some memorable titles including Devil May Cry 4 Lost Planet and Street Fighter IV but Resident Evil 5 goes king of the chessboard and believe the hype it looks and feels astonishing.

    After the success of its predacessor Resident Evil 4 i honestly thought it might of flopped. So yeah the story may lack a little something the 4th one had but Resi 5 gives it a good run for its money. Chris Redfield could be proven to be the greatest protaganist in a game being able to relate to soo many emotions (without revealing spoilers) and his little hot parter Sheva who at times can really get on your nerves pulls out to be a valuable assest and not a lost cause.

    Since its talked release though Resident Evil 5 was always looking promising to its online and offline (splitcsceen) co-op campaign and in my opinion makes what the game is. When two characters go through the whole story together its great to see when co-op is used and this is Resi 5's unique selling pont....

    Or is it Wesker. Its great to see him live on through Resi 4 into 5 after only being slightly significant in Ada's Way in Resi 4 and its great to see the character to leading role as the villain for this installmant.

    The only reason i havent gave it 5 stars for is...
    1) The online selecting seems more complicated than the demo version presented. It gets frustrating haaving to wait there a few minutes while the player your trying too co-op with must get to a checkpoint or die before deciding to let you join the game. The idea that when you first put in the disc and go online you can imediatley choose any chapter to do co-op on and it kinda just spoils the excitment a little bit.
    2) With all the trailers that were released before the games realease the plot twists just seems to be recognised before their answered (i.e Wesker being the main Villian) and many more i wont spoil incase.

    Overall though Resident Evil 5 should sit on your games list and also your trophy list so dont hesitate buying because assured you will enjoy this experiance

    Graphics 9/10
    Gameplay 9/10
    Online 9/10
    Overall 9/10

    Im sure Resi 6 will arrive in the future aswell

  7.  A Unique PS3 Addition


    Everytime I look at reviews everyone seems to highlight the negative and to be honest I think the time comes now when games should be respected for its franchise and not its genre (comparion to COD4).
    Killzone 2 is possibly a perfect start for the ps3 system this year and 2009 looks to be a fantastic year for it with titles such as Gran Torismo 5, God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 Amongst Thieves waiting on release later in the year but what Killzone manages to do is reinvent itself. Its campaign is short YES but with all respect its visuals are to to be looked upon with great hope in the future. The gameplay is stylised in an adored fashion, creating a war like scenario where no rooms are empty and every person is in arm of a weapon.

    Its real selling point is it online though play, brilliantly structured with a 32 player online mode it always keeps you engaged and really creates a nice sense of community even if you are killing each other).

    A game like Killzone though should be respected because with Resi 5 on release i's a great to see a game like killzone going out there to try and get noticed and put Resident Evil 5 possibly 2nd best as the early release of 2009

    Graphics 9/10
    Gameplay 10/10
    Online 10/10
    Overall 9/10

  8.  Bold Brilliant but Disturbing


    Eden Lake rockets itself up there with the best of British Horror (28 Days Later, The Descent) due to its unique stylised and crafted engineering which makes us all feel uncomftable watching but also makes us think about society. The film focuses on Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and Steve (Michael Fassbender) who have a weekend break way to the lakes in which Steve plans to propose. However the weekend goes wrong when i group of teenagers appear nd start playing their music just metres away from them. The events esculate out of proportion until a matter of life and death occur. For those who have watched the film you'll think back to the beginning and think at what point does the esculation start, Is it the kids refusing to turn the music down? Is it the kids stealing the car keys? Or is it Steve accidently killing Bretts dog?

    Which ever reason it is some disturbing cinema takes place resulting in my own opinion the most shocking and brutal scene of the year when the kids take it in turn to cut Steve with certain knives when they are provoked by Brett (the amazing Jack O'Connel who's currently in Skins). He is the pure evil of the film and without the performance given by him this film would fall flat on its backside so all credit goes to him. With that said though nobody else disapoints. Kellly O Reilly is engaging, her determinaation to settle the situation as quick as possible makes us feel her connection on screen and the violence she witnesses makes us almost reach out to her and show her the exit out of the woods ourselves.

    Without giveaway the ending climax is something to be adored. It goes without say that Eden Lake makes us think about society today (Older youth fearing teenagers and knife crime). My only question is what does the ending really say about society we will in today?