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  1.  Very entertaining spinoff


    Any Yakuza fan is in for a real treat with this game. The majority of the mechanics that fans have come to love in the series are mostly intact, stuff like karaoke, playing arcade games at Club Sega, playing golf, pool, darts etc. so there's definitely no shortage of things to do.

    Story pretty tongue-in-cheek but thoroughly entertaning from start to finish. Gameplay is very different from Yakuza games because you're mowing down thousands of zombies over the course of the main story in stead of fistfighting two or three thugs at once. There's still a lot of "faffing about" for anyone who like that sort of thing. there are tons of side quests and you can liberate stores from attacking zombies.

    Dozens of hours of pure entertainment, and you could propably wring out closer to a hundred hours if you wanted to get the platinum trophy. Though I guess it's worth saying that if you don't like how the Yakuza mechanics feel, you may be put off by this game. The shooting mechanics feel vastly different to most western shooters.

    This is already one of my absolute top games of 2012.

  2.  Fun fitness game for the PS3


    Provides you with just the right kind of carrot on a stick to keep training. The exercises are varied and fun, everything from slicing stuff up with swords to punching dummies. The game runs well, and the visuals are standard stuff for this kind of game.

    One tip though for those with smaller apartments or living rooms: make sure there's not a ceiling lamp just above or in front of you. A bunch of the exercises require you to jump with your hands held up, so make sure you won't hit anything when you have to do that.

  3.  Genre-defining experience


    An absolutely masterfully crafted piece of entertainment. If you want to play one of the best action games of all time, this is the right game to get. It's not without faults however. At the time of writing this review there's a small issue with controller input lag. The controller doesn't respont quite as quickly as it's supposed to. I'm confident that it'll get patched out in the coming days however.

    I can't help but give this game five stars. The production values are unmatched, the acting and animation are the best I have ever seen and the gameplay is so intense it just never lets go. Definitely a big game of the year contender.

  4.  Great improvement over the original


    One of the best open world games in recent memory. Visuals look great. The controls are incredibly responsive and the game runs at a brisk unlocked 60 frames per second( during normal gameplay it'll sit between 30 and 40 though) All the new powers are a lot of fun to play around with, the story is engaging and all the side missions are also great fun to hunt down and complete. It'll be interesting to see whether Sucker Punch will put out a new inFamous game next or something completely new.

  5.  Still fun


    The first AC was a very flawed game with a very interesting premise. AC2 tapped more into the potential and delivered a really solid game. AC: Brotherhood delivers an absolutely massive adventure with hours upon hours of engaging gameplay, but it feels a bit more than an addon pack rather than a fully fledged sequel. All the UI stuff is identical and graphics seem untouched (apart from maybe a few minor tweaks) so I guess that's why they went with a subtitle and not a numbered sequel for this game. Anyway, if you like AC games, you really can't go wrong with this one.

  6.  Works just fine


    The build quality is slightly better than I had anticipated. Both analog sticks have just the right amount of resistance and the rubber is very nice and grippy. Shoulder buttons feel quite firm aswell, but the face buttons is what you'd expect at this price - flimsy and hollow.

    Overall well worth the asking price if you're looking for an inexpensive controller for your Gamecube or your Wii.

  7.  Yes, it's still the king of console racing games


    Polyphony took their time with this one, and all the love and attention to detail really comes through when you're playing. One of the most feature-packed games this generation has offered so far.

    Beautiful, crisp visuals, impeccable audio design, wonderful soundtrack ranging from unique rock songs specifically composed for the game to wonderful piano recordings performed by virtuoso pianist Lang Lang.

    Since the game was in development for such a long time and people's anticipation was reaching unhealthy levels, the game was put under extra scrutiny. No game is perfect, but what minor flaws GT5 might have, they are amplified tenfold by internet forum dwellers.

    In short, if you like cars, or feel like you want to know more about cars, this is the game to pick up. There is enough to do to last you a lifetime, whether you want to race in unique, manufacturere-specific events or just browse the humongous car list and read up important production cars throughout automotive history.

    It feels good having Gran Turismo back!

  8.  Great Sony quality


    The headset produces a superb audio quality and is quite comfortable to wear. Also the build quality is nothing short of excellent. Great bargain whether you want to use it with your ps3 or cellphone.

  9.  Best Japanese WRPG ever?


    Just like everyone else has said, the game is very challenging and you will die A LOT. The reason I don't count this as a minus is that the deaths are never cheap, but a result of the player's own carelesness, which will just motivate to do better in the game. The atmostphere is superb, you'll never feel this lonely in a videogame.

    You can get hundreds of hours out of this game with consecutive NG+ playthroughs, great value.

  10.  The definitive 8-bit homage


    Absolutely beautiful game. Very crisp and clean image quality with a shallow depth-of-field and great general use of lens effects. The plot is so Zelda/Final Fantasy that it's guaranteed to make you laugh. Almost every npc has something funny to say or is a reference to another game (loads of Demon's Souls references since the game was published by From Software in Japan). Fantastic throwback music aswell. You can't go wrong with this game!