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  1.  Best Game Rockstar Have to offer.


    Amazing game from the start, straight into action, helpful tutorials from the start, dynamics and physics have been greatly improved from GTA 4.

    A vast landscape to explore id say too big but still loads of fun to free roam in, atleast 4x bigger than the liberty city map from GTA 4, sadly a let down is that you cant swim! (Basically fall in u die...).

    Great amount of missions to complete aswell as side missions, also MINIGAMES!!, for example, shoot a bird (vulture) and you'll trigger a mini game which is fun.

    If you love the ragdoll effects from GTA 4 you'll love this, perfected killing body movement, if you shoot him off a horse he may catch his foot on the saddle and the horse will drag him for miles on end. No point to point triggers! all random! Yey, another example, as in the previous rockstar games if you pass a certain point an event will trigger, in this game its all randomized.

    Scenario is all greatly designed but yet very very vast, alot of the buildings seen are now exploreable so you can walk in and around, what i found most fun was walking into the back door of a bank, immediate alarm and your wanted :D, a great chase from the sherif and deputies but a little unreal as i took out more marshal (law) than the population of the town...

    Recommended to anyone who enjoyed GTA 4 and other western style games, but be warned, gory and blood awaits. i wont give a example as it may put you off buying, and this doesnt mean limbs falling off, no no not that gory lol.

    Worth buying, Thx for reading.

  2.  Ouch it hurt my PC


    Bought this game last week and ouch my computer hated it.
    I have a up to date PC, running the latest drivers and software,
    DDR3 Ram, 8GB of it.
    All requirements met really.

    But wow, i installed lost and dammed and played this first, got into the game, setup the settings for my computer (normally maxed out), got into game and LAGG jees, never seen so much lagg, cut scenes, moving and shooting just all slow motion.

    So i lowered the settings to the lowest possible, no change, all so slow. Thinking it was a install problem i installed Ballad of tony, same thing, unsure why this is happening because my PC runs GTA4 original just fine... Interesting Rockstar.... Needs patching or something.

    Id only recommend this to users who own a up to date top notch PC running at least 8 GB or more RAM. Needs Processor speed and it eats your PC :(

    Thanks for reading.

  3.  Gets Too Repetitive


    Overall a great game, designed to run on low end computers so runs really smooth, but its nothing like the original Supreme commander game at all, The "Experimental" units that you can build have far too low HP, poor damage and really slow, for example a spiderwalker can now be destroyed by a simple 10 tank squad.

    As for the repetitive side, match after match you must rush to build a aduquit defense as the enemy send a ridiculous amount of units at you, 16 gun ships at a time which can destroy your commander in a matter in 10-20 seconds.

    Moving onto the graphics and new unit movement, its amazing, they have excelled here but taken too much of a interest in this and not gameplay as i said its too repetitive and boring.

    Overall a worth to buy game but as a warning you will get a weeks fun out of it and it will be back in your games pile forgotten about.

  4.  Brilliant 5 Star


    What an amazing game, great addition to the original game.
    Love playing the new campaign and online pay is more intense, survival is much more fun with the new heroes and gear.

    Recommended to anyone who enjoyed the original Dawn Of War 2

  5.  Amazing Special Effects, Poor Story line (let down)


    An amazing film, great special effects but ill say that the story line bored me so much, at the cinema i just sat there thinking "Comon more special effects less talk about the world ending on some myth" and yes it was cheesy, "Science has proved it!" no it hasnt lmao as an interview with steven hawking and 200 over sceientists proved :)

    But overall an amazing film effects wise :)

  6.  Not the Worst Flying Combat game.


    When i first installed the game i couldnt wait to get started.
    The write-up and reviews looked brilliant.

    But was quite disapointed once i got into the game, for example, the flight isnt really realistic, no turbulance, Not joystick sensitive (Turned my joystick a small bit, no movement, a bit more... still none, a bit more and the plane rapidly moved and started spinning..)

    The lockon system makes missle fire easy.. too easy, the gun fire is manual, hard to hit targets because of the dodgy flying.

    All in all 3/5 - Graphicly it is pretty good, scenary is amazing, plane choises are good.

    Wouldnt reccommend for people who like extreme realistic flying combat games. But for people whom like easy games that the computer does most of the work games, then reccomended for you.