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  1.  Novelty


    To be honest its basicly like a PS2 with a motion sensitive contoller, well maybe more like PS2.3. The problem is that you can't really play any "serious" games like Call of duty etc for more than an hour and a half before you grow tired. Sure its great for games like Wii fit and Shaun Whites snowboarding. But anything else just seems, sort of, average. The motion controller is great at first but soon becomes a liabillity, also the range of the controller isn't great and is jerky if I sit on the sofa which is 2.5 meters away. Sure its great at partys but if i had to recommend a console it would be to pay a bit extra for a PS3. It is just lives up to expectations and entertains you for longer.

  2.  BEST GAME FOR PSP, as long as you have Wi-Fi


    The whole point of this game is for the AMAZING online multiplayer. The story line seems very easy untill you reach Hard and Extreme mode. This levels will annoy you at first but after a little practise you can get through with easy, Its a must have for any online multiplayer fan !

  3.  Great Buy


    Very good little gadget for home or the office. Can't go wrong for £12. Once you have got the hang of the controls its is very easy to move around small spaces and bombard your co workers. Must have for anyone.

  4.  Too much


    Don't bother getting this charger as there are cheaper versions of the same charger else where. £18 is way to much, total rip off.

  5.  Fun, very fun


    Everyone bangs on about how crap the graphics can be and how they are sub PS1 on the wii. Well they are not ture. The people who say this are the people who spend all day in their parnets basements on the their computer trying to hack the pentagon and complaning about "The state of burgers these days" whilest playing RuneScape or World of Warcraft. All that matters is that the game is fun. Ok the graphic can be a little dodgy and the water at times looks odd but when was the last time someone said "I love this game because the water looks so realistic". Over all the game is brilliant and very fun. definatley worth getting. P.S if a friend gets it you can play online aginst them and blow their heads off!

  6.  Brilliant


    Look, if you wanted the best graphics you wouldn't have got a Wii. But the graphics are excellent for a wii game plus if you get a wii zapper gun of some sort it is more fun that the PS3 or the Xbox 360 versions. And after all its about having fun not how good the graphics are. Game play 10/10. Online 8/10 (could have more games like capture the flag etc) Graphics 9/10. Controls 10/10

  7.  Best MP3 ever made!


    I got my Ipod in december and I havn't been bored since. There is so much you can do and thousands of downloadable apps aswel.
    Definately worth the money, but it is worth getting a case due to the fact the back gets scratched very easyly and also to get a mains charger because other wise you have to charge it up from the computer. But be careful, it may say 8gb but it has 7.1 because some memory is used for the built in apps and features, and the battery life with the wifi on is around 3hours. But other than those little faults it is perfect. Excellent sound, excellent video and excellent internet surfing .You can also download an app that lets you call and text people from a wifi point. :)