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  1.  Great movie.


    Watched this movie shortly after it came out, despite the lack of people talking about it, and it really was something special. I'd never seen a movie like this before, which is great in this modern age because all movies seem to be the same nowadays.
    Overall, this movie would definitely be worth watching, simply for how interesting the storyline really is.

  2.  Generally the best game I have ever played.


    As an avid FPS gamer, I know what to expect from most games. But when I first had a go on Call of Duty 4's multiplayer I was generally blown away, it just cannot be beaten by ANY game, and that includes any of the other COD titles.
    I've enjoyed this game so much over the past few years, I've now racked up a multiplayer gameplay time of 26 days! I know, I am a sad person.

  3.  Bad times.


    Could think of atleast 3 Guitar Hero titles better than this one, which really does sum up the fact that the Guitar Hero games do get worse as the series goes on in time.

  4.  Simply amazing.


    What a film!
    The laughter and enjoyment you will get from this film is endless, even after watching it again and again. Especially if you are a teen, it really is something you can relate to and take so much enjoyment from.

  5.  Must be the best comedy I have ever watched.


    This film is utterly hilarious and outrageous, cannot be beaten for laughter. Definitely recommended, and definitely worth having for this price.

  6.  Must have.


    Honestly, greatest movie I have ever watched.
    The storyline in this film is just beyond anything else I have ever watched, it really is something that you have gotta own.

  7.  Sigh..


    The only reason I gave this product a rating of 4 stars is because of the first movie, it really is amazing. However, the same can't be said for the second one.
    Although I don't like the second one, I definitely would say it is worth watching, but don't get your hopes up.

    I'd probably say buy this product, for the great first movie, and the second one which will be worth watching. Theres also the fact that this price is definitely good for two movies like these.

  8.  BUY THIS.


    This movie is something special, it is something extremely enjoyable.
    I don't enjoy the Alien movies personally (I like the Predator movies though) however I found this movie being one of my favourites.
    Admittedly, the storyline isn't extraordinary, but the action throughout more than compensates for this slight downfall.
    The creatures involved in this film can only be described as - 'awesome'.

  9.  Amazing!


    When thinking about the Predator movies, alot of people compare them to the Alien movies. In my mind, there isn't a doubt that these movies are better than all the Alien movies.
    If you like films that are different from all the rest, you should definitely be buying this.

  10.  Mixed opinions.


    I've gotta say, this movie definitely was overrated. Most successful movie ever? Wouldn't think so myself.
    However, this movie is definitely worth a watch, the effects in it are simply stunning, can't say the same thing about the storyline though, found it very uninteresting.