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  1.  Best for sound, size, battery, cost, design and disbelief!!


    Honestly the picture provided here makes this thing look much bigger than it is in real life, after reading reviews here I bought it, got it and could not believe that something that size could produce any bass what so ever, I was wrong! this thing is Awesome! Best Portable speaker system I have ever bought! and surprisingly the cheapest I've ever bought, also the smallest......and the loudest......and the only one with a rechargeable battery - which is a great idea as I always had to buy new battery's for my last speakers - which I hated. Its also the most clever speaker, especially at a time when everyone owns an ipod. Also the buddy system idea is great, I wish my friends had one too so we could have spontaneous parties!. Why doesn't everyone know about this? the word needs to be spread! No more buying over-expensive speakers from electrical stores or cheap Rubbish speakers from supermarkets! Seriously forget every other system, this is By Far the best - I'm going to buy another because i like it so much

  2.  great sound, great comfort, great noise reduction


    very comfortable headphones with great bass. They are designed to fit well into ears and to stay there, for me they do both! their great for the gym too, no fiddling around with them falling out all the time. The sound is very crisp; in fact I had to turn the treble down because it was so loud, especially compared to apple ipod earphones. Oh nearly forgot to mention the sound isolation part; its good! not exactly a pair of earplugs but outside noise is reduced a lot. over all Good pair of headphones, only thing to note is that you need to turn the treble down for more comfortable listening.

  3.  dont judge this album by one song!


    OK 'don't upset the rhythm' was only a catchy hit, but don't give up on the noisettes so easily. This album is relaxed as well as punchy. I love it! new single 'Never Forget You' is jazzy and opens a new genre in the album, which contrasts greatly to 'Don't upset the Rhythm'. If you like up beat ballads as well as chilled out easy listening tracks- buy this album. good band :)

  4.  Just what you need if your wanting to convert from in-ear


    I used to be convinced that in-ear headphones were better; this being that their bass is higher and they are generally more punchy in their sound. When i heard that they can severely damage your ears i bought these to move away from in-ear headphones. These are exerlent if you want a pair of simple, but brilliant headphones. I was amazed by the effortless bass on them! You can really turn the volume up on these without the bass fluctuating. I do recommend you use the solid case with these if you pack them in a bag, as they are fairly delicate they can be crushed easily. Despite from that they are very comfortable and fun to listen to.

    Also with the retro style they are very good looking,

  5.  Good quality, noise cancelling and price


    If your thinking of a pair of noise cancelling headphones for less that £50. Get these! the quality of the music through them is brilliant; these headphones are powered so the power input acts as an amplifier as also a noise cancelling system, therefore producing very clear sound. the noise cancelling being near 90% makes these a bargain compared to others on the market.

    I bought these as a pair of headphones to use whilst playing the drums. I strongly recommend these for drummers as not all the external noise is cancelled. I can clearly hear the drums with these without turning up the volume above a normal level.

    Oh and this is the best place to get these, best price by far