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  1.  Zero stars is more appropriate


    The first Crank was fun, with some sex, nudity but mostly lots of humor and action. This film completely forgets what made the first film work and decided to focus almost solely on the sex and nudity, with some pathetic, poorly choreographed fight scenes thrown in - which mostly feel like they were only added to fill time.
    The problem is, the sex isn't even good. I like good nudity and tasteful sex scenes, and certainly enjoy seeing boobies as much as the next guy - maybe more! But this film was just so HORRIBLE that even some topless strippers walking around the horse tracks during races (which happens in this film) was only stupid to me and not at all interesting or "exciting" to watch.
    If you really must see this, either rent it (which I don't recommend either frankly) or wait until the price drops in half. I know it will, this movie is too bad to last at this price.
    Like another reviewer wrote: Watch Crank twice instead of this one.

  2.  3 Days of Love and Peace


    I am normally not a big fan of music documentaries nor of music videos/concerts on film. This was more of a historical documentary, filled with some of the best music from the era.

    The standard blue plastic Blu-Ray case comes wrapped in a red cardboard cover-case.

    The sound is AMAZING and the video quality is top notch for what they had to work with.

    The first disk is only the film (3 hours 40 minutes), the second is full of the extras.

    There are chapter breaks at all the right moments: following each performance and each segment, which makes it easy to skip to the end of any excessively long musical numbers and on to the next sequence.

    Subtitles are English SDH, French, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai.

    Side trivial note: Martin Scorsese was Assistant Director and Editor of this film and is included in some of the interviews on the bonus disk. The film won OSCAR for best Documentary in 1970 and was a huge smash hit in the United States.

    Play's price for this is so much better than anything the U.S. offers, as U.S. customers are forced to buy the set with a whole bunch of paraphernalia crap (cardboard ads, fake ticket stubs, booklets, fancy wrappings, etc.) and the going price is like $50 (£30)!

    Take advantage of this deal if you have any appreciation for history or music and especially for both! :)

  3.  Excellent Buy! Only £6 per film!


    I just got these in the mail today and already watched 2 of the 3. The quality is EXCELLENT - as is expected - and overall I am simply amazed that the UK offers this trilogy for so cheap! The exact same set costs $50 in USA which is close to £30!

    I would rate the films 4 stars but this set easily deserves 5 because of the price and the excellent picture and sound quality as well as all the extras loaded on each disk.

    Get it! You have absolutely nothing to lose.