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  1. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    7 New from  £14.00  Free delivery

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    i was actually surprised about this game, i wasnt expecting much but what i found was amazing, i could tell the story was going to be deep and personal like any mafia film, i liked how you can find the play boy magazines in different areas its a nice edition for the lads, the combat was simple cover and shoot but it offers destructable eviroments which gives it the extra zing. The car drving is terrible in my opinion its impossible to get away from the cops when you going so fast you end up falling off the motoway, its just a demo so i hope they fix it. Altogether it looks like a brilliant game a brilliant story and if really feels like your in the mafia THIS IS A MUST BUY!

  2.  The demo


    don't expect much from this demo, its just a boss battle with kakashi which doesn't take long to defeat him, there's not awakenings or ultimate jujitsu ( was expecting 2 player demo to fiddle with....) but anyway the demo is just the same as ninja storm 1 with just new moves and modified characters, when you press triangle and circle it creates a rasengan but when you hold triangle and circle it creates a odama rasengan which was pretty cool. It was nice to se the environment change when sakura did one of those super punches that made a hole in the ground and that's when the real fight started. Although they made little changes in the game it still felt like a fun game than the thirst one, but there are lots of things to look forward to in the new game over 40 characters, so many new ultimate moves to learn, and the new free roam system which looks awesome.I seriously cant wait for this game and to try out SAGE MODE gets me hyped for this game.

  3.  Meh....


    The multiplayer was good at thirst but then it went all down hill for me.Half of the problems in this game is because of the players, They camp,They glitch,And they do it over and over again untill you are fed up of the game.But its not allways the players They added killsteaks and new-ish perks and more guns but its the same old COD which gets boring after a few days, I dont know why people get so addicted to this game?.Anyway spec ops is just stupid and boring Nobody plays it! If They added co-op i think the game would be more playable but they didnt so its thier loss.Campaign was rubbish! COD4 campaign was better than it, it was way confusing and it went so fast i didnt even get a chance to know what ghost was!? stay away from campaign`s infinity award.
    A good game for people who camp their brains out but not good for people who want to team up and form some kind of teamwork.Prob funner when you play with mates though it can be quit fun at times.
    In my opinion get Battfield bad company 2 it way more fun and focused and it can be really funny sometimes.

    This game is to overhyped! 7/10 for me

  4.  Greatest story ever.


    The first game had a great story and blew me away but now uncharted 2 has melted my brain.......the story is so awsome like a action film and it makes me wanna play the campaign over again!.The multiplayer is a great feature too, fun and enjoyable never gets boring :D.This is a must buy for everyone i mean EVERYONE who owns a ps3! this is the game that will blow xbox away.

  5.  Army of Two 40th Day


    Well i played the Demo and its pretty cool.Me and my mate played splitscreen and we could play rock paper scicors for some reason lol.The gun customisation is awsome there are so many attatchments to use that its mind blowing,like i sore a pepi can as a silencer XD but i couldnt use it cuz it was a demo :(.The game is all about co-operation with your friends,like in one scene i was taking cover behind a fence and my mate went down the ladder to asault them,if he couldnt handle it i could use my sniper and give him some cover,it was really cool.And i like it when you sneak up behind a enemy and you press L2 to take him hostage and the other men lower thier guns to surrender,my mate would then tie them down and save the civilians for some cash :D.So on in the game more co-operation were needed like helping me over a fence and cover behind my mates riot shield thing it was great fun.Im looking forward to the full game but i yet to se some multiplayer gameplay, so im just gonna wait till they anounched some online features (i hate singer player games).All in all the graphics were fine the gameplay is fun and awsome co-op is great with your mates and im looking forward to the full game :).

  6.  a Game of the Year contender


    This game is extremely adictive,i I cant stop playing it and its been 4 days now! Its really reminds me of WoW but with guns i dont se whats so fallout 3 about it.I Know uncharted,Mw2,AC2 are all coming out soon and you may not be able to get this game but it does stand a chance to be in beetween them of the greatest games this year.The graphics are really cool its nice to se a change for once,I dunno why people whining about it.
    Whatever......JUST GET THIS GAME!

  7.  Very disapointed...


    listen to me here,please rent this game before buy! lets just say i am really sad on how this game is so repitive,you would think a game with jack black in it would be awsome? think again.To be honest there wernt one funny thing he said,it was really dull and boring the only good thing was the demo!i would of thought that he would use more than a guitar and a axe but i got fooled.Actually the only funny guy in this game is ozzy osbourne :/ when you buy stuff off him he makes funny coments that make me giggle.The guitar hero moments were pretty epic i loved playing them every time.When you get into your car you can change which music you want to listen to another thing that was Cooool.Upgrading your weapons is awsome,like say....you can change your axe into a electric axe and maybe a fire axe! and ofcourse you can upgarde your vehicle with machine guns,suprise weapons,more fuel e.c.t.So my game score:
    graphics-6/10 pretty bad actually
    gameplay-7/10 repitive gameplay let it down!
    Overall i would give it a 7.0
    jack black.....you AINT FUNNY NO MORE!

  8.  GREAT!


    i thought i would go down to blockbusters and rent this game for a week and i gotta say it was worth my money!! the singer player campaign is epic the graphics are brill and the online is really fun to play with your mates This is a must buy!

  9.  SOOOO FUN!


    the greatest 3rd person shooter out there! its amazing how you can destroy anything you se! and the deadly sledgehammer is not something you want to meet close up.This is a must buy for any gamer out there i even think this could be a game of the year beating cod4 and 5 together!

  10.  not bad....


    Well i love the co-op its really fun when i play with my friends but online aint that good 60 players is to much,everytime you spawn you get killed straight away....sorry but 32 players is all i can handle.Story play is cool i liked it because it took me a week to complete it lol.So i would say a must buy for co-op fans :)