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  1.  Surprise of the decade!


    I saw this film because of the 'boring day off' syndrome, which we all suffer occasionally. I had zero expectations as I hadn't even heard of this film, but what a film this turned out to be. With a modest running time meaning there was no time wasted on insignificant scenes, the entire film is a blaze of violence, loss, revenge and terror, with Neeson delivering an awesome performance as the ex-military operative whose daughter is Taken. It's not a morons film though. You will leave the cinema feeling better about yourself than if you've just watched Transporter, Crank or one of Danny Dyers straight to DVD 'hard-mans films'. I just bought this on blu-ray and would recommend that format too. If you just have DVD don't fear, there's still plenty to get excited about.

  2.  What just happened?


    And so the curtain falls on Heath Ledgers' career. He had already made some iconic films and was destined to do more. Unfortunately his final bow was more of a whimper. This 'acid trip' of a movie combines messy story line with ridiculous, infuriating characters. As the curtain rose I was excited, but what followed was 2 hours of intended tension, which turned out to be tedious. The characters, particularly the young cockney stagehand on Parnassus' show, were irritating. While the ending was rushed, due to the decision to spend a great deal of the running time showing us a drunk Christopher Plummer and a ridiculously camp Devil. The idea of Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell playing Ledger's character 'Tony' in the imaginarium was intriguing, but as was this films' problem, the director, instead of ensuring a clever, imaginative spectacle, which we had all hoped for, delivers a muddle of the downright bizarre and horribly baffling. Gilliam had hoped to create a final masterpiece, worthy of the short career of the young Heath. Instead he decided to sacrifice a good, entertaining film, in place of something that was too preoccupied with making us scratch our heads and stare in wonderment, to the point where by the end we simply don't care what happens anymore........to anyone, particularly the eponymous 'hero', Parnassus. Sorry Heath. Curtain down.

  3.  Under-rated quality


    I saw this film on a sale shelf and had heard that The Prestige was worth a watch. I found out that it is worth several. It is now one of my favourites. Christopher Nolan directs another masterpiece with Christian Bale. Hugh Jackman delivers a great performance as the magician vying for a grander reputation than that of Bale's cockney illusionist, while Michael Caine is the wise aide caught in the middle. As this competition descends deeper and deeper, into more dangerous physical and psychological tricks, you won't believe your eyes....... I would recommend this film to anyone who has a spare night and a fiver in their pocket because at that price it's a steal.

  4.  Wow. I got goosebumps!


    What is there to say that hasn't already been said. This is quite simply the best film I've seen at the cinema for quite some time. The hours fly by as Batman descends further into the blurred line between Hero and Villain. Christopher Nolan directs and instantly offers a new slant on the Batman-Joker rivalry. Throughout the film the Joker, masterfully depicted by the late great Heath Ledger maintains that he and Batman are two outcasts on the same path, except the Joker is just 'ahead of the curve'. The way this film offers a new look at the Hero genre, insisting that it is not that Batman will always do what is right or what is the most truthful, but what needs to happen, even if it means he must be, to some, a villain. This is what Batman is. A symbol. It is a masterful story and leaves you wanting more. I believe Aaron Eckhart is under-rated in this film, but the whole cast help to create a film that is truly worthy of epic status. I just can't speak highly enough of this film. Buy it.

  5.  What's all the fuss about?


    Ok.....so why is this film good? Well, the acting was good. I'll admit to that, but there's only so much I can take of these arty films that go nowhere, end half way through and spend the rest of the film not answering questions that were the only reason I watched the film in the first place. Like, why is Javier Bardems assassin so insane? You don't even see the main character die and it ends with Tommy Lee Jones talking about a dream he had to some old guy in a cabin in the the middle of nowhere. Maybe the hype and expectation played a part in me loathing this film with such severity that when I lent this to my friend and he spilt a pint on it and ruined the DVD.............I bought him another pint (true story). Not very good at all.

  6.  Strong start but the film drags on


    After the first hour of this film, I was impressed, going as far comparing this film to the classic 'knocked up' which director Judd Apatow released a few years ago. However, the drawn out awkwardness of the scenes involving Sandler and his 'girl that got away' (Leslie Mann), including several pointless scenes with Mann's family, not to mention the irrelevant role given to a woefully underused Jonah Hill, meant that the running time of almost two and a half hours was not justified. This was a shame as I was eager to love this film. The performances were strong, including an amusing cameo from Eric Bana, while Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen were also spot on with their roles. The usual low brow gags will keep any fan of Superbad or Knocked Up entertained. I would recommend this film, but be preferred for a long haul, even if the jokes do hit the spot for you.

  7.  Disgusting excuse for a film


    Me and my girlfriend went to watch this (on my advice) and spent the entire time checking to see if the other was laughing. We weren't. First off, Michael Cera has always been over rated in my opinion. His 'acting' is just standing there saying things without emotion. is that funny nowadays? The storyline was weak, the acting was pitiful, which is a shame considering Jack Black proved people wrong with his excellent performance in King Kong. The jokes weren't funny, one of them lasting ten minutes, consisting simply of Michael Cera awkwardly rubbing oil on a priest or something like that. How is that amusing? I just couldn't wait for it to end. It was a truly, truly awful film and I can't stress enough how nobody should buy it. Pitiful.