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  1.  Great for the fridge


    We have read the very hungry caterpillar to our daughter many times and i knew the book from when i was a child.
    having it come to life and be able to play with the food and caterpillar on (what we use) the fridge, brings a new depth to the book. the case itself is metal so the magnets can stick to it and it comes with pages like the book that the magnets can go on. then my daughter can make up her own story as well as show us her meaning of the story.
    definitely great to inspire the imagination of a young mind.

  2.  Having a Ball


    A lot smaller than i thought it would be (a little bit smaller than a tennis ball) but very colourful and brilliant for hand-eye coordination or naming colours.
    rolls very well and made of wood.

  3.  The Robe For The DareDevil


    My father is a keen fan of Evel knievel so i thought this would be the perfect present.
    not a good idea to wear it when on your bike but great after getting out of the shower or bath.
    Dries you well and has great detail on it.

  4.  From Russia with love


    These Russian doll measuring cups are very good for decoration in the kitchen as well as using for cooking/baking.
    Very durable if dropped and very detailed design, different on each doll.

  5.  wrong picture


    the picture is of a starter pack (looking like a stand, case and battery) but the item sent is just the battery. slightly disappointing. i dont think i was suppose to get the rest but the picture shouldnt be what it is.

  6.  The sound track to Red Dead Redemption


    A very good album if you enjoy the red dead game.
    The album has a lot of the music from the online multi-player missions as well as the main songs played in the game that are composed by bill elm and Woody Jackson as well as guests such as Jose Gonzalez, Jamie Liddell and William Elliot Whitmore. It isnt full of western classics like a fist full of dollars or your typical Clint Eastwood western but still keeps with the genre.
    i just wanted even more music on the album

  7.  the brick is back!


    I bought this for fun and to use as a prop.
    It works on the same principle as the light up pens or phone charms that light up moments before you get a text or a call.
    When your phone is put inside and receives a phone call or text, it will have a voice shout and the screen under the ear piece flash red. (note, you cannot answer your phone while it is inside, you must take it out in order to do so)
    has three functions
    1: Try me (demo mode)
    2: On (will flash and shout when phone is inside or right next to it)
    3: Sound off (will flash but not shout)
    in demo mode, only the number three can be pressed in order to hear phrases.
    Hard plastic, durable and very funny
    phrases include: "pick up ya phone! is anybody there!? are you gunna answer me!? hello! can you hear me!? ooooi!!!"
    Note; do not leave on over night with phone inside as it will go off from time to time without receiving a text or phone call. I think it is due to the signal in the phone (not 'the brick') changing or something like that.



    a very funny little thing to have.
    a friend showed me his 'jesus in my pocket' so i just had to top him!
    arms fully moveable and has four little wheels under his feet for him to erm....... glide on....
    good to have in your car, on your desk or like me, next to your TV. Or if needed to actualy portray Jesus himself.
    PRAISE THE LORD! JESUS (the action figure) IS HERE!