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  1.  A Great read


    An excellent read, real fun story. It flows along brilliantly and keeps you gripped and thrilled all the way through. David really captures the character of Mr Micawber and I could hear W.C Fields voice in every sentence. The story captures the time so well in Victorian Australia creating wonderful visuals in the mind of a developing down under.
    Once again, David Barry has created a wonderful piece of literature.

  2.  loved it


    Don't worry about the 50 shades of grey style cover, Careless Talk is actually worth reading unlike 50 shades. Its a few weeks in the lives of believable characters in and around Tunbridge Wells. Some of them you warm to, some you can empathise with and some you really want trouble for. They are characters you will recognise from your own office, pub etc. A couple of the characters even sadly reminded me of my own life, yikes!
    Its a real page turner, the short chapters help to make the story speed along and I always wanted to keep going to find out what happens next.
    Well written, exciting, thrilling, scary, funny, disturbing.
    Looking forward to reading the sequel to find out what happens next in the lives of the Tunbridge Wells citizens.

  3.  a real eyeopener


    I only really knew of David Barry from Please Sir and The Fenn Street Gang, two shows that I love.
    So I bought David's autobiography to learn more about those shows and the actor who played the childlike Frankie Abbott.
    I learnt so much. To think that as a 14 year old he toured Eastern Europe and The Soviet Union with Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, absolutely incredible, amazing, terrifying. He played Shakespeare and seriously dramatic roles.
    And then came the possible curse of fame and Please Sir. I was very much interested in his post Please Sir work writing, producing and directing with Malcolm McFee, his work in Pantos, a specialised genre not given the credit it deserves.
    Its also a very honest autobiography, telling of the pitfalls and hard graft that is the acting industry, the eccentric and often annoying characters you are often forced to work with during a shows run.
    It is very well written. I liked the way it was set out almost in diary form rather than the usual chronological way. It made me want more and to ask Mr Barry questions about such and such show or person.
    A most enjoyable read for any fan of his work or of the acting industry.

  4.  Totally gripping


    For those that only know Meurig Jones as actor David Barry this novel may come as a surprise. I love David's work as an actor, so wanted to discover his work as a writer. This novel is truly gripping, a real page turner and I was unable to put it down. Up to now I have only been able to read novels which have been filmed, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Morse etc as my imagination isn't the best. The Wrecking Bar cured me of this. The characters were wholly believable, I saw their faces and mannerisms, it is so well written.
    The subject matter is light years from Please Sir, so I approached it with some trepidation, but it is handled sensitively, isn't sordid or stomach churning. You really want to learn more about the lead characters, becoming involved in their lives.I will certainly be buying the follow up to The Wrecking Bar.
    I really can't fault it, and this novel proves Mr Jones is a wonderful writer as well as a wonderful actor.

  5.  Superb


    I've read a lot of showbiz autobiographies, but never has one affected me or produced so many emotions in me.

    Every page produced another emotion, from "thats interesting" to "oh i never knew that" to laughing out loud, to suprise,to nodding with empathy to jaw dropping shock, to a lump in the throat to tears in the eyes.

    Sheila's life has really been one of loss and missed opportunies. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong men, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, just when a brilliant career opportunity came along something else popped up to stop it happening.
    Her parents who hated each other so much yet stayed together all their lives definately made their mark on her life. Wasn't it the poet Philip Larkin who wrote that parents f**k you up. i think this was definately the case. The reunion with her brother shortly before he died brought tears to my eyes.

    She really should be up there with the likes of June Whitfield, Joanna Lumley and the late Thora Hird in the nations eyes and affections,an icon of acting, as she is as good if not better actress than them, but sheer bad luck prevented that.
    The book is a real page turner. I said to myself i'd read just one more chapter before going to bed, well ten chapters later i was still reading.
    For anyone interested in showbusiness, relationships or families this book is a must read

  6.  disappointing


    Dont get me wrong, sgt Peppers is a brilliant album. My disappointment is with the remastering. Maybe its me, but i cant tell any difference between this and the vinyl and 1987 cd versions. I was expecting to have a mind blowing experience from reading some reviews in the press, but no, nothing. Im so glad now that i didnt pay out for the box set because it would have been £169 down the drain. The Beatles are still the greatest band, but the remastering is poor and not worth the hype

  7.  simply brilliant


    the first new album is simply brilliant. every track is an instant classic. personal highlights are Red Squirrel and Long dark river but all are grea. cant recommend this cd enough. buy it now

  8.  brilliant


    30 odd years in the making and worth the wait. each member of the band bring their individual styles to the tracks. i was a little apprehensive of new members Jupitus and Edmondson, but they fit in superbly. Each song is great.Some comical, some jazz, some great melodies. Cant recommend this record enough. Buy it.

  9.  disappointing boxset


    the official story dvd is a great addition to any Who collection and the High Numbers performance is great. Whats disappointing about this set though is that the "book" is only a booklet of 11 pages, not what i'd call a book. Its also pretty much a run through of the dvd contents.Not worth the extra money. To be honest youre better off just buying the standard 2 disc dvd.