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  1.  Buy it. Play it.Swap it.


    I have no personal favorite. MoH or COD can fight it out and just let me play the quality games that follow. But this MoH really is not great.
    The game in single player is immediately full of glitches and the sound is so bad in some places it actually goes silent for a second or two in the middle of of a firefight! It was so bad at one point I thought my tv had broken!
    The graphics jump occassionally which we should not be seeing in this day and age and though the game play is enjoyable and there are a few very good and truely enjoyable missions the single player is so short I was actually confused when it ended. It is also very easy.
    I'm no FPS freak but play my fair share and this only took me around 4 hours to finish on 'Hard'. Die hard FPS fans would just laugh.
    Xbox Live is also a must for this game. Apart from the obvious Multiplayer the 'Tier1' game can not be accessed nor can 60% of the achievements without going online.
    The multiplayer is good but if BlackOps has a better, smoother and more finished looking Single player to go with an undoutedly great multiplayer then this MoH doesn't stand a chance.
    Bought it yesterday night, finished it this morning. Selling it on Play.com now.
    FPS fans with a few quid should buy it for the easy achievements. Die hard fans should wait for COD.

  2.  Transform!! Then drive off and buy it....


    Great game on many levels. First and foremost it is a solid, enjoyable and well made game which is very nice to look at.
    It's easy to pick up and play, absorbing and the diffuculty is about right with around 6-8 hours game play to finish it providing good value for money.
    Secondly and most importantly this game is transformers through and through!!
    It's abundantly clear the designers are massive transformers fans and it is a fans wet dream. the graphics are great, the story is brilliant and the characters, weapons and transformations are spot on.
    There are references to the comics and the 1984 film and it leaves you wanting more.
    Buy it!

  3.  Lego Star Wars- Excellent fun and suprising value for money!


    This piece is everything you want from Lego Star Wars- Fun to make and play with, excellent attention to detail and suprisingly good value for money. The pieces are detailed, as always brilliantly made and look fantastic. And at under £10.00 for this box cheap enough to give to the kids or as an welcome addition to a big kids collection!
    The original and still the best.