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  1.  Like pouring boiling water in your ears


    Awful album, had it bought for me, gave it a listen through and just couldn't help hating everything about it. definitely a miss if I were you

  2.  W O W !


    Wow. this product is simply amazing. Very easily compatible, plug and play, works with all mp3 players and bluetooth. the sound quality is amazing, and the volume, for such a tiny thing is huge!
    The sound doesn't distort, even at full volume. The battery lasts ages (about 10 hours with an MP3 Player). Brilliant product, for the price its a steal! The finish is gorgeous as well, shiny metallic and smooth. No tacky plastic here! I literally have no issues with this, it is perfect!

  3.  Great album, knock-down price


    If you like anything like the Who, this ones for you. See what I did there? Yeah, its a great album and you get the whole album, covers, and original lyrics sheets etc inside the cover. Mine had a slight mark on the front and looked a little old, but still great.

  4.  Tough cheap way to develop grip


    You do get two of these (I was concerned I'd only get one) and for someone like me who has never used them they are a tough workout. I can really feel the strain. The grips feel nice and aren't too abrasive, and they don't feel like they will break anytime soon. a fantastic product for the knock-down price.

  5.  Amazing stunts, action and the best driving rpg game so far


    I was eagerly anticipating this game after I saw a teaser last year. After playing the game I can say that I was blown away with the quality of this game.
    Every detail of this game shows quality. From the super lush graphics to the excellent vehicle handling and gameplay.
    Graphics first. Barcelona has been faithfully recreated and looks fabulous with excellent light effects and vibrant scenery. The main character (played by Vin Diesel) Looks extremely realistic.
    Gameplay wise this is easily the best pick up and play action title around. The game throws you straight in with the objective 'Just Drive Straight on' and thats what you do, and you do it well thanks to forgiving vehicle handling and easy to pull of slides. You soon learn abilites like sideswipes, which are pulled off by moving left or right, moving it up performs a forward ram whilst back looks behind.) There are two Special abilities, these are slow mo effects which allows you to use your fun to either shoot cars ahead of you or behind you in a spectacular fashion.
    After the mission of blowing up police cars and shooting baddies off bikes, you are treated to two of the side missions.
    The first introduces the 'Air Jack' feature. You start off in a car and your objective is to steal a variety of other cars for money, the better condition they are when you return them the more money you get. The maneuver is easy to accomplish. Hold a set button when behind a car then release when the marker turns green, easy.
    Next you get to try a race. These are standard lap races but you have all the abilities of the game, including ramming and the 'special, slow mo' abilities. If you're good you can take out every other car in the race leaving just you.

  6.  Could be brilliant.


    Having seen some fairly positive reviews on this product two months ago, I decided to buy it. This I did, and it promptly said packing. However, when I looked the next day it was awaiting stock. Since then it has said various things, FOR TWO MONTHS, and I still haven't recieved it. PLay.com have really messed up here, selling them cheap, but not having them and now trying to find cheap ones. I bought this from some where else, and the product is good, tacky but it works. If you would like to buy this, only do so if you're very patient. For saying delivery in ten days, two months has overshot slightly don't you think?

  7.  A new step... in the wrong direction.


    The traditional pokemon format of games was always fine, then they came up with this. You are a pokemon with 1 poke-buddy who follows you around everywhere. You travel through dungeons simple levels at a time, with no ability to capture other pokemon, unless they "like you enough." The story is fairly quick and basic, and to play afterwards you have to wait through all the credits, and then the game really opens up. However, the levelling system is too slow, the quests all too similar and the pokemon you can capture weak and feeble. All in all, just worth two stars and a step in the wrong direction for pokemon games. I doubt there will be any sequels any time soon.

  8.  Nice shirt


    Nicely fitting cotton t-shirt, and funny as well. came quickly and got a laugh. Worth it.

  9.  Fantastic Drive


    Just simple and perfect. Plenty of space, a cheap price, and durable.

  10.  The best RPG to date


    This game has so much depth, from the very start you can personalise your character with race, class and birthsign, of which there are endless choices, from combat to magic, and stealth to acrobatics. There is a long and gripping main quest, and thousands of small side quests for special weapons, guilds etc. Graphics are jaw-dropping, and not too demanding on your PC, make sure you have a 2.0 Ghz processor though. There are endless opportunities to improve your character, and an advanced levelling system. The free roam capability means you can go anywhere you want. Anywhere. Mods are available online from various websites, and you can create your own armour etc. The expansion packs are extremely worthwhile, make sure you get your hands on them too, I advise the game of the year edition.