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  1.  A very dark road


    A very dark movie ,well acted and leaves you thinking "what if".
    Viggo puts in another good performance ,along with a brief Robert Duvall and Guy Pearce cameo.
    Picture quality is excellent although the sound is a little quiet in places,I had to crank the amp up a bit to hear it(maybe its my age).
    Overall a good watch,just dont expect any inspiration or laughs

  2.  No detection neccessary


    Good quality entertainment on a good quality disc.PQ and sound is of a good standard.Good old fashioned yarn .Give it a go.

  3.  Stunning


    Stunning movie,stunning transfer,stunning audio,the books cool,the artcards are 3D,and the t-shirt aint bad either.Only down side is the lack of extras,namely none.Cant wait for the 3D disk with extras.

  4.  SNOW-GO


    Like John Carpenters "The Thing".Without the aliens and unfortunately the quality.Rent it first

  5.  Not quite a portrait piece


    Found the first hour rather heavy going,but once it got to the climax of the story it improved dramatically.Average PQ and audio for BD.

  6.  Average walking pace.


    Average drama set in the mid 80,s against the dramas in Northern Ireland.Good performances from the lead characters in what is a moderately violent tale.Picture and sound of average standard.Certainly worth a rental.

  7.  Politically correct


    Wasnt sure I'd enjoy a 2 hour movie primarily based on a 30 year old interview ,but to my surprise I did.Frank Langella and Michael Sheen are exceptional in the two lead roles and the movie builds to a thrilling climax.Picture and sound are very good BD standard.Made a pleasant change to watch a thought provoking movie without explosions and CGI.

  8.  Stunning encounter


    Werner Herzog takes us on a trip to the south pole.Not your usual penguin and seal fest,more like a diary of his trip ,with absolutely stunning scenary and visuals.Picture quality is good but not outstanding,audio is of good standard.Good selection of extras included on this BD as well.The classical music soundtrack does get a tad overpowering at times though.

  9.  Damn good


    Brian Clough was an inspiration to the football world in the 70's and Michael Sheen is a revelation in his portrail of him.In fact all the cast (bar some of the players) put in good performances.Picture and sound of good BD quality with a good amount of extras on the disc.Highly recomended watch.

  10.  Right one has entered the building


    Every now and then a little gem of a foreign language film comes along.Let the right one in kept me captivated and enthralled for its duration.Great visuals and sound set in the snow.Yes its a vampire movie,but dont expect bat transformations and crucifixes flying around,its much more subtile than that.The two leading charactors being 12 years old was a very pleasant change and a completely different spin on the genre.A great watch.