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  1.  MW2 step aside!


    A short review as i want to go play some more! WOW what can i say, if you want realistic FPS action with destructible environments and tactical game play then this is the game for you! Ill compare this to MW2 as i did not know if i wanted to play BC2 but man MW2 hasn't got half of what this game offers, first off no glitches, no lightweights and no 12 year old fan boys, they stay on cod!

    I recommend this game to all who want a change from MW2 unbalanced online and unrealistic game play and glitches.
    Bad company 2 Game of the year 2010!

  2.  It does the job! im sold!


    Iv just played the demo for three hours and i can honestly say its got me sold. I sensed some mix feelings at the start but once you get going you can have a great time, and this is just from the demo. Tbh they should have made the demo a "team deathmatch" not a deathmatch seeing as a marine killing a marine is stupid and this type of game is a team game in my opinion. The graphics are good for a demo (imagine the finished product omg) the game play is great, the only annoying bit is grab kills leave you completely open and ussely ends in your death. Predators are fun and give you a challenge to get your gadgets, marins are deadly if you have the skill and aliens are fast and sick and can be a little difficult to use at the start. Overall i find this game worth the money and ill get my full version soon! The demo overall could have presented the game better but i alot of potential. this was a multilayer demo unfortunately so i don't know the campaign but i can honestly say its gone be goooood! peace out lovers!

  3.  The best iv ever played:fighter


    Street fighter eat your heart out and make way for Tekken 6. This game is leading the way of fighting games. A short review im afraid as i am itching to go fight some more. The ONLINE is awesome, the story is awesome and 40 characters to choose from means you wont get bored. Plenty to do off line and online with plenty of game modes to keep you busy. My overall opinion is that this game is worth the money and can keep you coming back for more. its easy to fight, insane to master. see you online fighters.

  4.  Stunningly impressed


    Played fear 2 for about 4 hours straight and i found myself unable to let go of the controller. I agree with the fact that youl have needed to have played fear 1 to realy understand the massive impact that number 2 has had on me.
    I think fear 2 is well worth buying, i even discovered that i scream like a girl lol. The combat is great, slow motion was a paticular favourite. I reccomend this game for any who like a thrilling story and good game play. Exellent graphics and little to no bugs.
    I garentee youl get a few screams and keep those lights turned on.

    P.s dont play in the dark, it jsut makes it more scary.