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  1.  A gangster movie like no other.


    Many people I know don't really like this film, mostly due to its length and incredibly harsh nature, but I don't think I have ever been affected visually and mentally by any film as I have with this film. A very intoxicating masterpiece, more of an event than the usual film watching experience, and well worth nearly five hours of your time. A true epic.

  2.  Overlooked and visually stunning


    Pixar's film may not be as sharply written as Dreamworks' Antz or the best of Pixar's output, but it still packs a punch and is by no means an inferior film. Kevin Spacey's voice work as the villain is truly brilliant.

  3.  Vivid childhood memories


    True, Fantasia is not everybody's favourite Disney film, but it is still an all-time classic and a first of its kind, both in film animation and film in general. Full of memorable set-pieces, all a mixture of scary, wondeful and just plain weird, this is old school Disney animation at its most creative.

  4.  A film to make you feel


    Spielberg's ability in making an audience care and feel for a strange little creature is a real credit to his cinematic genius. One of my all-time favourite childhood films, mainly in the fact that it is truly a kids' film concerning the pains and dilemmas of childhood. Still gets me everytime.

  5.  A childhood classic


    This must have been my favourite film growing up, along with Toy Story. Disney at its very best with engaging and humourous characters, brilliant animation and those unforgettable songs. A must see for the young and young at heart.

  6.  Sidney Lumet's criminally underrated classic


    I caught it recently and was mesmerized by its messages of the dehumanizing corporate machine and its hold over all of us. The fact that it delivers this message so bluntly yet brilliantly makes this essential viewing in my opinion. Some fantastic dialogue and acting from Finch, Holden, Dunaway and Duvall round the film off nicely. An intelligent masterpiece.

  7.  Once seen never forgotten


    50 years on and still one of the greatest mystery thrillers ever brought to the screen, alongside other Hichcock classics such as North By Northwest, Rear Window and Vertigo. All true film lovers must see Psycho, otherwise how can you call yourself a lover of film?

  8.  Still an enduring piece of classic cinema


    Say what you want about modern day Disney with its neverending supply of talentless tweens and showbiz mediocrity, but back in the days of old, when it was purely an art-driven animation studio, the artistic ambition and craft really shined through in films like Fantasia. The animation is flawless and famously trippy, and is brilliantly set to some of the most famous classical tunes. Right up there with other masterpieces such as Pinocchio and Bambi, this film still manages to enchant all these 70 years later.

  9.  Another Pixar charmer


    A brilliantly detailed animated film, with engaging characters and a totally offbeat story which manages to invite you in seamlessly. From the same director of the brilliant The Incredibles

  10.  Thoroughly entertaining


    Though this doesn't deserve to be called Pixar's masterpiece, it is still a really good-looking and fun animated film.