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  1.  Soooo interesting!


    This book gives you an incite into the mind of Derren Brown. It is very interesting and it discusses: Magic, Hypnosis, Mediums (to name but a few. I have learnt a lot from this book as well as having fun reading it because of the humour. The book gets the reader involved by teaching you how to pull of magic tricks, how to spot liars, how to improve your memory and even how to hypnotize. The book does make you more skeptical because it talks the truth about the ways of mediums and psychics. Definitely worth buying and reading!

  2.  Great film!


    Worth seeing, the film is good (but the book is better), the relationship development and the portrayal of their love is iconic. It is a slightly odd film and it does contain some action. The acting is fantastic and the 2 Disc edition is worth buying for al the extra stuff on the DVDs.

  3.  Love it :)


    I love this DVD, the music is great and she can sure sing live! I love all of the performances. The routines and songs are second-to-none! The bad things are that the breaks (where she constantly changes) are rather long and I get fed up with waiting for the next song! But other than that, it's worth buying :)

  4.  They're back - with a vengeance!


    Brilliant album, so glad they are back and better than ever.

    My favourite songs from the album are:
    Boom Boom Pow - 1st Number 1. (from this album)
    Rock That Body - I have listened to this OVER and OVER!
    Meet Me Halfway - Next single?
    Imma Be - Real beat that BEP are best at!
    I Gotta Feeling - 2nd number 1. (from this album)
    Alive - Slower song but still great!
    Missing You - Fergie's voice is irresistible!
    Party All The Time - Woah!

    The electro-beat music is AMAZING. All songs are great and I love the different beats, the rap, and Fergie's complimentary voice! BUY



    This is a truly amazing book, I only purchased it because I enjoyed the film and there was (and is) a lot of hype about it, but it really is amazingly written with a compelling story-line. The book is better than the film. I have already purchased all of the other 3 books because I know I will love them. Meyer is a brilliant writer. Because the book is written from Bella's point of view, you get a feel for her personal anguish and feelings, that the film can not portray. I also feel that parts of the film (which are added to enhance the experience) ruin it. The book needs to be read before you can understand what I mean and compare it with the film.

  6.  Fantastic!


    What an amazing album! La Roux has a unique an fantastic voice. All of the songs from the album are brilliant and iconic.

    In For The Kill - Fantastic first single
    Tigerlily - Electro-pop madness!
    Quicksand - A grower :)
    Bulletproof - Best song on the album.
    Colourless Colour - Unique but superb
    I'm Not Your Toy - Up-tempo great song
    Cover My Eyes - Really good, slower song

    (Just a few) I was a bit dubious about buying this album, not sure if I would love it or hate it, but I LOVE it! All the songs are great! Buy this album!

  7.  1st CD BETTER than 2nd!


    I love this album! It is worth buying the 2cd deluxe edition..
    However the 1st disc is far better than the second, it seems to be far more accomplished and beautiful. The stand-out songs which have not yet been released as singles are 'ave maria' and 'broken-hearted girl'. - Both from the 1st cd. My favourite song from the second album is 'sweet dream'.



    The dvd of her live tour is just fantastic!
    Her voice is superb and definately live!
    The performance overall is brilliant!
    Worth buying, buy it now! :D

  9.  Good, but has faults.


    The silione itself is very durable and hard wearing, however the product needs modifications in order to be at its best. The different colours let you 'express' yourself with your iPod but some people may find them too bright and in-your-face. The cases are very useful for preventing scratches and protect the iPod if dropped.

    There are no slits for the volume adjuster, or for the sleep/wake button. In my opinion, this sometimes makes it hard to use. The screen edges become hard to use because of the thick silicone in the way. When the case is on the iPod, it does not fit onto a Bose system - Be warned. If these design flaws had been sorted then I would have given the product 5 stars.

  10. Fearless


    Taylor Swift - CD

    16 New from  £5.48  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.89

     Amazing, beautiful, talented.


    This album is accomplished, oustanding and unbelievably good!
    The best songs are 'Love Story', 'White Horse' and 'You Belong With Me'. Truly beautiful, catchy and you can't stop yourself from singing along! Taylor deserves all credit for this CD as every song is written by HER, unlike a lot of good singers who have songs written for them. This shows extra talent and skill. None of the songs are predictable and I think that everyone will have a song that appeals to them personally. The songs are emotive and have true meanings. The songs are mainly concerning love and relationships but this is done is such a unique way that it doesn't make you feel ill! If country music does not appeal to you then maybe this album is not for you because some of the songs seem very country, but you have to expect this from a singer such as Taylor. The most noticable 'country' song is 'Our Song'. Taylor knows when to sing calmly and softly to contrast with the strong choruses, which conveys the emotion fantastically.
    When I decided to buy this album, based on the single 'Love Song', at first, I was unsure whether or not I had wasted my money, but as soon as I played it through for the first time, I couldn't have been more wrong.