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  1.  A great little thing


    Easy to set up and connect to a TV with an HDMI connection. I was sceptical of claims about upscaling; and although you'll never get true HD images from standard DVDs, it defnitely gives an improvement in image quality. The remote is small but has meaningful key labels and the on-screen menus are easy to navigate. Highly recommended.

  2.  Buggy and poor value for money


    This is an e-mail terminal with an excellent display and a poor camera. It's also a good media player for music and video, but it's let down by many software bugs with new ones appearing as old ones are fixed.
    When I got the phone in Feb 09 it crashed regularly, until it had major software updates. The update process is scary, taking 30~60 minutes during which time you wonder if the phone will be turned into a "brick".
    Roxio media manager, supplied with Blackberry Desktop Manager for transfer of pictures and music between the the phone and a PC, is slow and a resource hog. The update manager which comes with Roxio has caused slow boot problems on many PCs I've seen. Use MSConfig to disable start-up of ISUSPM to cure this problem. Set the phone into Mass Storage Mode so it appears as an extra disc drive when connected to your PC, and you don't need Roxio.
    Be careful when picking it up: if you grip it "top to bottom" the back cover comes off - it has very fragile looking clips to hold it in place. When removing it from the holster you cannot help but press on the LCD, leaving a distorted region on the display for a few seconds - does this help the display lifetime?
    Sept 09: now with the latest software v4.6.0.301. It is much more stable, but has a new problem. The time to scan the media card and display image thumbnails is very long. I have an 8Gb card in the phone, with only 100~200 stored photos. If the phone has been connected to a PC via USB, the media card scan takes ~5 mins before you can view any stored pictures. If it's been rebooted from a battery pull expect 20+ minutes before it's completed scanning the card. Scrolling through thumbnails of stored pictures is painful as the update rate is so slow - no flicking through dozens of pictures iPhone style on this thing.

  3.  Excellent product


    An innovative product that is well made. A perfect flexible tripod for holding a pocket digital camera. Don't use this one with an SLR, there's a stronger, more expensive Gorillapod for that job.

  4.  Useful USB lead


    It's a USB lead, it works and the price was good. No complaints about this lead.

  5.  Good value pocket digital camera


    Bought as a replacement for a Nikon E3100 (battery door catch failed, then the camera just died). This has a nice lens, easy menus and I thought it was good value for money at £99 when I bought it last year. If the detector was less noisy in low light, which seems to be a Lumix trait, it would be a 5 star product. I have a Lumix DMC-FZ7 "bridge" camera which suffers simlar detector noise problems at low light levels.

  6.  Nice ruggedised phone


    My son bought one of these as a practical phone to carry when cycling, running etc. If you want a mobile that's tougher than a normal phone, then this is a good one. I've marked it down 1 star due to lack of 3.5mm socket for headphones (it has a Samsung propriatory connector) and lack of USB connectivity.

  7.  Nice product, does what you expect


    I bought this as a replacement for a damaged charger for a NavMan SatNav. It's a nice product with the neat feature that you can attach "any" length of USB lead to it.

  8.  An unusual take on contemporary folk sound


    I saw Lisa Knapp live and bought the CD afterwards. She has an unusual voice, which sometimes sounds like Bjork(!) but gives her music a distinctive contemporary folk sound. If you like Seth Lakeman, Equation, Jim Moray, Liza Carthy etc give this one a try.

  9.  Good value for money, easy to set up, very quiet


    I bought this as a back-up drive for my son's PC as I've been using a 250GB Freecom desk top drive for some time without problems. It's delivered in FAT32 format, so you might want to reformat as NTFS for PC use. Other than that it's "plug in a go". The HDD is actually a Samsung drive. It's very, very quiet: the PC fan makes more noise than this drive.

  10.  Good phone if you don't need 3G or WiFi


    I've been using a Blackberry Curve for nearly two years now. The handset software is solid, reliable and seems pretty bug free (unlike the Bold). As a phone and e-mail terminal it does the job, it's not a bad music player either. The handset itself is compact and pretty well made. It doesn't seem to have any weak parts that might break easily. Unsurprisingly, the camera is pretty limited. Web browsing is as expected on a GPRS-EDGE device, but at least you can put Opera-Mini on it, which is impossible with the Bold.