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  1.  not even close!


    I'm sorry but to those people who are saying this is a rugby players game they can't be very good rugby players/are American!

    The game is ok at best, the problem is Rugby is a far to complex game to be able to portray well enough to make a good game, at least the RWC11 gave you the oppertunity to run different moves.
    Yes the passing is better, kicking is better, tackling is slightly better but lineouts are terrible, when you break the line there's no support, quick ball doesn't help, all the club team players are named but not the international (except for New Zeland and Aus) when you try to swap these players in it's agianst the law, what the deal is when you're waiting for a match to load I have no idea.

    This game is just found wanting in so many areas, it's just frustrating!

    If you want a good rugby game the original Jonah lomu on PS1 was by far the best rugby game ever.

    Come on, in this day an age we need a decent rugby game!

  2.  life changing


    I watched this film at the cinema loved it then then got it when it was on DVD its a great film the ideas the realisation of this money grabbing, soul destroying society that we live in today is terrifying. The acting, scenery, story, directing and soundtrack compliment each other so well. It is a need to watch film.

  3.  over rated


    I've herd this film been dubed as the next city of god...who ever said that is an idiot yes this is a good film but has nothing on city of god the only simularity is that its in subtitles. Worth a watch better to rent it then buy it..

  4.  gut wrenching


    This is an incredible film one that everyone should watch. The story lines pretty simple but the characters are played incredibly well. Its just one of those films that after watching it for the first ime and it gets to the credits you just have to sit a bit and take it all in. Amazing.

  5.  shocking


    This film was terrible i watched it at the cinema because i liked the look of the adverts for it i thought that it had a mad max feel to it but it turned out it just seemed that Marshall had too big a budget and tried to fit in all genres it just ended up getting confused, shocking! In fairness though rhona mitra is stunning in it though!

  6.  genius


    I'm a great fan of simon pegg his dry british humour is just whats needed amongst all these teen comedys that are coming out. Run Fat Boy Run is one of his best films teaming up again with dylan moran they give you a classic comical duo, this film needs to be added to your DVD collection.

  7.  just no


    this is possibly the worst game i've played on the 360 i thought i'd be different try a game which i normally wouldn't get...that was a huge mistake it was a waste of money the instruction booklet is fat enough to be one to flying a real plane, the levels are boring there is just isn't a good thing you can say about this poor excuse for the a game. All we can do is hope who ever created this is game is as sad and poor as i am after buying this game.