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  1.  It's Homefront, not Call of Duty


    I wish people would stop comparing this to Call of Duty as the title clearly says 'Homefront'. In my opinion Homefront beats Call of Duty in multiplayer. Yes the campaign is short and finishes quite abruptly...but they can continue the story in Homefront 2 maybe??? Online is very enjoyable and will keep you entertained for hours. The best thing about the online is that:
    1: There are no 10 year olds screaming down the mic about how they were 1 kill away from a...wait for it...spy plane!!!!!!!!!!! like in Call of Duty.
    2: Campers do exist but are easy enough to take down...most of it is run and gun which is how games should be played.
    3: No weapon is too overpowered so it balances the gameplay very well...a low powered gun has high accuracy and a good ammo count and vice versa...while a heavy tank can splatter your body parts all over the level, but 1 EMP grenade renders it useless and prone to attack...

    Overall a very well balanced, enjoyable multiplayer, with a single player that is unique and enjoyable...albeit a bit short...

  2.  EA should be embarrassed


    1 star is extremely generous. The single player is waaaaay too serious and takes the fun out of it...as for the multiplayer...well let's just say that it's more fun to constantly smsh your face into a solid brick wall. The online is worse than terrible with poor controls, poor weapons, poor aiming, and even worse, spawn killing and camping. Overall, Ea should feel ashamed of themselves...i'm not a huge fan of bad company 2 but it is MILES better than this