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  1.  Strong, Powerful, Breathtaking!!


    I saw this film the other day, and I must say it is very "sensitive". By that I mean violence, swearing and various forms of abuse are present. However, please do not let that put you off. The film has top quality actors, a very good storyline and was gripping from start to end. And after watching it, you will understand the title (There are no dinosaurs) I would really recommend this film. It's a fantastic representation of a true British film made on a small budget and a director who has nothing but passion. It deserves all the awards possible!!

  2. Letters


    Matt Cardle - CD

    20 New from  £3.44  Free delivery

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    Finally!! It's been too long, but at last Matt's debut album is out! And it is incredible. His voice is so pure and amazing to listen to. Every song is so so fabulous! When you think he co-wrote nearly every song and sung them, you realise what talent this guy has. I got the signed copy and am sooooo happy with it. Will be listening to this over and over! He is past the stage of "x-factor", and has shown us what real talent is xx

  3.  OMG! One of the best animes of all time


    Just finished watching this and all I can say is WOW! This series has everything from action, twists and shocks to love and jealousy! The subtitled bits are not crucial but worth a pause to read and never found it a huge problem. I have never enjoyed a series so much. The best birthday present ever! Now to start on the films xx

  4.  Funny, cute and outstanding!!


    So I bought this a few weeks back, not knowing much about it. At first I was unsure but the more you watch, the more you get sucked in by it's cuteness and comedy value. I am totally addicted to this and it will always cheer you up if you have had a bad day. Can't rate it high enough!! :)

  5.  Amazing film!


    I really enjoyed watching this film. It's a very interesting idea and acted out to perfection. I also loved the end. Very good film that I would recommend to everyone :) x

  6.  Game of the year :D


    I am totally in love with this game, it is SO worth all the hype. the game-play is very unique, clever and fun. It sucks you in from the first five minutes, and you find yourself totally immersed in completing cases and arresting the bad guys! The controls are sooo easy which is a huge relief as I thought they would be fiddly; you only have to run up to a fence to jump it, for example. And yes it does lag a little on the 360 version, but if you install it works fine( not that the lag is huge, only a few seconds towards the start) So overall I love this and it's a game everyone should play. I can not praise it enough. An amazing achievement once again from Rockstar :DDD

  7.  Love this game


    I just bought this game today and I am totally addicted. I had read mixed reviews so I took a gamble, but it has paid off. This game has the best 3D effects out of all the games and controls really well. It
    is very funny and looks great too. Ignore all those bad reviews like I did and you will not be dissapointed :)
    Also the game appears to be quite lenghty and has minigames. Another great lego game!

  8.  Best 3DS game yet!


    I firmly believe this is the best 3DS game out. This is for a number of reasons:
    +Great graphics- Bearing in mind this is a handheld device I think they are pretty good
    +3D is great- The 3D provides great depth to the game
    +It is LONG- This game will last for a long time. I have been playing for hours on the story mode and only done a small %. Plus there is a skirmish mode, which is awesome
    +Easy to pick up- Easy controls and the gameplay is not too complex for the less advanced gamer, but also complex enough for the more advanced gamer.
    This is why this game is a great one to pick up and I am certainly enjoying it :)

  9.  You have to see, to believe!!


    I have just come back from the 3DS event in Bristol and all I can say is wow.. That can't even cover it. They say you have to see it to believe it and I was actually sceptical, but honestly it's mind-numbingly amazing! The 3D can be changed with the slider and if you have it on the full 3D setting, everything just jumps out of the screen! For example the augmented reality game was a shooting game and at the end you had a dragon that you had to shoot and he came right at me (I actually jumped backwards) it was that good. Zelda, Street Fighter and Super Monkey Ball were the best games there! I am so so so hyped now. You really do have to get one of these, as they are so much more than a games console, as you can get Sky 3D (Fantastic quality!!)

  10.  Come on!


    I don't know if the people below have been playing the same game as me. This is fantastic. Loads of new features and its wicked fun. Loads of cool features with this edition. Really needs 5 stars!