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  1.  One of the best books i've ever read


    I have just finished reading Ender's Game, and it is incredible.

    Its probably the best Science Fiction book ever written. A must read for anybody; especially fans of science fiction.

    The characters, story and just about everything in this book have been done perfectly.

    Buy Ender's game, and read it. You won't be dissapointed!

    Thanks for reading :)

  2.  A classic exploration of time travel


    The time machine had me gripped from beggining to end! From two perspectives 'the time machine' is incredible from its scientific beggining, through to its dramatic cliff-hanger ending.

    The characters, such as the un-named time traveller, are brilliant and so is the story. At only 90 pages long its quite short, but dont be fooled, its a great story and is worth buying!

    I highly reccomend 'The Time Machine' for anyone, regardless of whether you're a fan of the genre or not.

  3.  Great fun


    As a huge fan of the metal gear solid series, i bought this as soon as i could. Although ive played all the games thus already knowing the story, i found myself highly enjoying the book.

    There is only one really bad thing about the novel; Benson portrays Snake innacurately (i.e. Cheesy catchphrases, brutal killer etc.) at the start of the novel but as the novel progresses the Snake that we all know and love finally emerges. All the rest of the characters are fine, i think Otacon and Grey Fox were portrayed particularly well - true to the games.

    The best thing about the novel is the action sequences - you won't forget Snake's fight against the Hind or the Snake vs Ocelot duel.

    Overall, i wasnt sure whether to give this 3 or 4 stars, but decided to settle on 4 and be generous as it was good fun, but nothing more. I reccomend this to people who love the games (like me) or to people who are interested in MGS but dont like playing games.

    Thanks for reading my review :)

  4.  Good Storyline, Very funny -- 4 Stars!


    The storyline in the latest film is good enough to keep viewers hooked (unlike the story of Beast With a Billion Backs) and coupled with lots and lots of funny gags this makes a very funny yet dramatically gripping watch, and overall a good film.

    Well worth a watch for most, a must for fans like myself

    Thanks for reading this review :)

  5. Eon



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     Believable Characters, Good story.


    I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from Eon when i began reading it, so i was pleasantly suprised to find myself really enjoying it after i got into it.

    After the main characters are introduced in the Prologue, the novel jumps straight into the epic science fiction. The story is, overall, very good; this is mainly due to how believable the characters are. The characters are believable due to the fact that they do what their instincts tell them, and have justifiable motivations for their actions, but they are not without their flaws.

    I do agree that the book gets slightly too political and physics-based towards the end (i only have a GCSE knowledge of physics) but i do believe that this is rescued by an intense, and dramatic cliff hanger ending.

    The other reason i only gave this book four star is because in this edition (the same edition which i read) i found there to be quite a lot of spelling errors frequently throughout the novel. I believe this is due to editing as i have read some of Bears other books and they have been fine. Its not a major problem, so please do not let this stop you from buying the book.

    Overall i think it deserves four out of five stars, and i believe that it is well worth a read from anyone, whether you're a fan of SF or not, this is a great novel.

    Thanks for reading my review of Eon :)

  6.  A great concpet...


    After having read the novelette version of Blood Music i found the concept extremely intrigueing and decided to read the extended novel. The novel contains the same concepts of the novelette and develops some of the ideas.

    The novel follows the seperate (yet intertwined) stories of a few different characters, which eventually lead to the dramatic and enigmatic ending.

    The events of the novelette version leave a highly ambiguous ending whereas the ending in the novel is final and definitive, whilst allowing you to develop your own views on the themes in the novel.

    Overall i found it an extremely interesting, and an intellectually challenging read. It is more than worth the money, however, i recommend reading the novelette version first before deciding to read the novel as it is, in my opinion, in fact better due to the added ambiguity and pace. If you find yourself immersed in the novellette, i reccomend buying the novel at is develops the storylines further.

    Thankyou for reading my review of Blood Music :)