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  1.  Shemue


    Shenmue is all im going to say for anyone that loved this classic you will adore sleeping dogs

  2.  Great Guide up to usual standards


    Got this guide few days after game came out and its a bit less expensive than typical guides of this ilk and i have to say beautifuly presented and very informative,,,,,many people love this game, if your said person buy it you wont be sorry),,,great maps and artwork thoughout

  3.  Great


    Got this on release day thanks to play sending it by special delivery,,,,fantastic service , fantastic Special Edition

  4.  Skyrim Beater


    WOW , This game for me is better than skyrim on every level and i love skyrim...bin playin since day one and im lev 81 in skyrim so you see i love the game,,,But this wipes the floor with it in every department and on ps3 its a joy.
    I could go on and on all day about the high fantasy style and look of the game, its basicly a single player mmo if that makes sence.
    I played LOTRO and Conan and Aion and i love them and i love this , if your like me and loved these games buy Kingdoms ,,,its a huge game and i cant say enough good things about it

  5.  best edition


    if you know this film and thinking of which edition to get choose this one. Its full of extras and has the best blueray print i have ever seen and i have had high def in all its forms for a while now.
    Its basicly same disc that was included in the box set

  6.  First impressions on ps3


    ok im gona give this 5 stars bases on all the reviews. All i want to pass on is the fact that ps3 version plays great and with no lag, one thing of interest maybe the fact that the game graphicly isnt a huge jump from oblivion. In all the pree-launch vids the game looked incredable but for my mind my first impressions are a little underwelming.But please note this is only a cosmetic issue. Now its time to play

  7.  ace


    bought this for my son and i have enjoyed watching him play very much. i used to love flight sims on my pc and although this is high on action its great. i have to say the graphics are excelent the jet models are photo realistic and the same with the landscapes. i can see many people havin a ball online with dog fights etc. Great

  8.  good but too short


    if you want that feeling you first got from playing HL2 on pc all those years ago buy this. For me i could not stop drawing comparisons between valves old fps. One thing that lets Resistance down is its story lengh its very very short. I bought it and traded it in the same week but i did enjoy the game. The multiplayer aspect is good but nothing new and for mr couldn,t justify keeping the game after i clocked the story. You decide. Graphics 9 sound 9 story 9 but replay 3

  9.  Fantastic


    This game is the ps3s best kept secret, those that play it know just how good it is. So for everybody else here is my little review.
    If you like Lotro online, Aion, Final fantasy, Guild Wars, then i promise you will love this . Since giving up my pc gaming 12 months ago i have not looked back," i was geting too old to sit hours on end gaming infront of a noisy if powerful pc". I have loved every hour spent with my ps3. But the only game type i have missed is the old mmo, a prity, huge world to do whatever you want , to play online with others doing solo quests and group quests with real players. Yep i did miss this one game type. But no more, White Knight gives you all this with a huge beautiful world full of great quests and with tons of stats, options and all this usual stuff you get with a pc mmo. I have played Dragon age etc and this simply is so much better for a consol game. You get both parts 1 and 2, the first being redun in hd and looks great. I couldnot recomend this more if you like the sort of game i have outlined. Try it, its a huge pve game with lots of nice mmo groups too. And it look just great. Hope this review might tempt some to buy i cant stop playin, people all play with headsets and keyboards its a very alive feeling and social game. You have shops and towns and its non linear

  10.  come on in, the waters great


    Just to let anyone know who may be thinking of buying this adventure, the new and very big patch came out on the 7:7:2011 and its fixed all the bugs and issues so have no fear about investing in this game.