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  1.  Enjoyable 80's music.


    Heart Greatest Hits is a surprisingly enjoyable CD. If you like 80's rock or power ballads you will enjoy this.

  2.  Like the x-files but not as good.


    I quite enjoyed Fringe it's a bit like the x-files but not as clever or imaginative.

  3.  Best xbox360 game in ages.


    Deus Ex human revolution is a mix between a FPS an RPG and a stealth game which feels more like playing Splinter Cell and Mass Effect than a FPS like Halo. It's an excellent game that gives you options in how to go about missions and how you develop your character. The boss battles which have been critisized in reviews are not very good but don't spoil the game. It feels a bit old with characters who stand around repeating lines of dialogue and long loading times, which are probably due to the age of the XBox 360. Overall a very good game.

  4.  Great TV show.


    Season 2 of The Shield is just as good as the first season. A great TV show.

  5.  Very good baseball game.


    MLB 2K11 is a very good baseball game. The pitching is very good using a method similar to some golf games, making the pitching almost as good as the batting. There are plenty of options and game modes so you can make playing a franchise as simple or as complicated as you want. The game is not quite as much fun as the arcade style The Bigs 2 (the best game if you are new to baseball games), or as good as the brilliant MLB the show games, but it's the only serious baseball game on the Xbox 360 and fortuanately it's a very good one.

  6.  Best football game yet.


    I've been playing FIFA 11 for nearly a year and I think it is the best football game yet. At first I found the midfield battles scrappy but once you get used to the game it's excellent you have to make yourself space sometimes by going backwards which is more realistic. Unfortunately whilst last years cheap goal chipping the keeper has been sorted there is a new cheap goal when 1 on 1 with the keeper you can often pass to your strike partner for an open goal, otherwise the gameplay is perfect.

  7.  A bit like Bourne.


    Hanna is an action film that is a bit like a Bourne film. Hanna has a run of the mill plot but has good action scenes, memorable and sometimes funny characters and an unusual surreal style that make it stand out from similar films. Very enjoyable.

  8.  More an expansion than a full sequel.


    Bioshock is one of my favorite games, Bioshock 2 has the same setting (Rapture) and similar gameplay, with a few new weapons and plasmids, so it looks and plays just like the first game and feels more like an expansion than a full sequel. It's a very good game but too similar to the original to be a Great game.

  9.  Best action game on the XBox 360.


    Bayonnetta is really a Devil May Cry game with a different main character, but it's easily better than any DMC game. The character you play ( Bayonneta) is a brilliant unique creation. The gameplay is brilliant, and not too difficult like some similar games, also the music is great. The only bad point is the boring cut scenes.

  10.  Great career mode, last gen gameplay.


    Virtua Tennis 4 is a fun sports game. The gameplay is a cross between the arcade gameplay of Virtua Tennis 2 and the more realistic gameplay of the Top Spin series, its alot of fun but feels like a compromise of the two styles and plays like a PS2 game. The best part of the game is the new career mode which gives you 4 seasons to top the rankings, making it a race to the number 1 spot rather than a long slog like some tennis games. The career mode is made for repeated play on different difficulty levels, and making your way accross the board game style setup on a world map balancing training, resting and competing is excellent. I've not played kinect so don't know how well that works.