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  1.  This case keeps the device slim.


    Bought this case for my GS3 and I like it. It replaces the back cover with a better thicker back cover and also has a screen protector which is connected to the case. You can also continue talking on the phone while the flip cover is attached to the screen because it has a speaker grill hole.

    Keeps the phone slim too, perfect for me.

  2.  Big space but slow speed.


    Bought this Sandisk 32GB and for the price this is cheap, has a lot of space but as said on previous reviews this has a slow writing speed.

    However if you are like me and bought this usb for home and general use and not for business where write/read speed is not important than this is a good buy.

    I gave 3* because of read/write speed which is slow.

  3.  Massive Storage with Top Speed


    Bought this card from play.com over the Christmas period at a discounted price and its a very good deal considering your getting a usb reader as well which most MicroSD cards dont offer.

    It has been said from previous reviewers that the speeds are good and I conform that I haven't had any problems with mine too. Good reading and writing speeds.

    The usb reader comes handy because not all the laptops or pcs might have a cards reader in them so having the usb reader means that you can access your data at every laptop or computer.

    The product came well packed and they feel solid. Delivery was very quick from Play as usual so all in all I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend this to anyone thinking of buying one. 5*

  4.  A perfect phone in every way.....


    First of all at less than 400 pounds this phone is a bargain. Thank you Play.com.

    I dont won't to be too long on my review because as everybody can see everything is all said about this phone.

    The good

    1) Amazing screen even at 800x480 res.Very crisp and sharp display, great colors (better then the iPhone4 Retina display)
    The screen (using an enhanced AMOLED technology which Samsung coined "Super AMOLED Plus" is probably the best stand-out feature of the Samsung and puts it over the top of all current smartphones.

    2) Amazing speed 1.2 GHz nothing will slow this phone(super machine) down. I have played games, browsed heavy websites with flash and been doing multitasking but nothing have slowed this phone down.This phone supports 21.1Mbps HSPA+ speeds as well, so downloads are blazingly fast.

    3) Google's OS system personally think that is the best OS on a smartphone to date.

    4) Samsung added its own refinement ("TouchWiz 4.0") on top of Gingerbread to enhance the experience. I loved the fast access to settings like turning on/off Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi etc."TouchWiz 4.0" has also its own task manager which works excellent and I can access it qicker to kill my apps that run on the backroud for saving battery throughout the day.

    5) Battery life is also one of the best things that this phone has being only 8.49mm Slim lasted me with heavy usage for about 18-22 hours a day.Browsing for 2 hrs, 35 mins satnav 1 hour playing heavy games like need for speed or PES 2011, 4-6 hours music and updating my facebook, email and twitter every hour. Two most commons things that will drain any phone battery are watching videos and movies and using satnav.This battery will last a normal user between a 1/2 to 2 days.

    6) Camera being 8 mp makes this phone on of the best camera phones around.After owning Iphone 4S/4, HTC Desire HD and HTC Sensasion I believe that this phone has one of the best camera sensors in my opinion. Records and plays 1080p really well considering its only a phone.

    This are mainly the things I look at a phone before I buy and all this technology at fitted into a phone being 8.49mm slim.

    Due to this phone meeting my needs I dont have many bad points.

    The bad

    1) Having a screen at 4.3-inches could be a litte big for some people although for me its not big at all.

    Basicially thats it really.

    I felt I had to mention all the above for using the phone for more than a month.

    If you want a phone update and felt that the phone was expensive when it first came out now at play.com its cheaper than any other place.

    Thank you play.com, always cheaper than others :)

  5.  Recommended


    This is the cheapest price for this type of card, good speed, comes with adapter and works straight of the box. Thanks Play.

  6.  The best phone in the market today :)


    People start rating the phone on one or two things comparing it with another phone. Screen for example, people say iphone's screen is better, well it might be a little brighter but you have to look at the phone in general. if you start rating the iphone, you will come up with many stuff which other phones have got it better. I compared it with iphone because many people compare this phone with iphone. This phone is fast, best specs on a phone yet and everywhere you go on internet will bring you fast loading plus with the android 2.2 this is the only phone which loads pages with flash. Mentioning Android the operating system the phone uses is very customisable and with flash support you get more pleasure where as with iphone ur stuck with left and right pages with apps in the middle. Good camera considering how thin it is, if you want photografic photos go and get a real camera. Free google maps and navigation from google. Over 200.000 apps in Android Market. Wi-fi hotspot wich makes ur phone to act a wi fi for ur computer or other phones. Book reader, pdf reader all built it in. All in all this phone will stand out from other phones and believe me i have tried many phones.

  7.  A very good Memory Card at a cheap price.


    I bought this 8 GB memory card for my samsung tocco and works perfect. I connect my phone through a usb which came with the phone and i use my original samsung program which i installed in my pc. This is my first play.com product which i bought and works good.

  8.  Very Good


    This usb flash drive is easy to use, good for the price and has a lot of extras. U3 option is brilliant too because it lets you install portable programs which will work on to the usb as well. For the money that you are paying this is worth it.

  9.  Brilliant


    I bought these speakers about two weeks ago but just got time now to write a review. Took me 5 minutes to unpack and set up. Good base, clear sound and at a very good price. These speakers are worth the money, recommended.

  10.  The Music Genius


    This album will blow you away. When i heard this album i couldn't believe it. He really did it with this album showing the world that he still is a Genius. My personal favs are Unbreakable, Heartbreaker, You Rock My World, Speechless, 2000 Watts and Whatever Happens.

    'Invincible' is definitely a CD that deserves a listen.